Heat v Spurs — “A Fair Test of Strength”

Big Red Car here.  Well, let’s cut the crap and get right to the meat of things.

Congratulations, Miami Heat for clinching your second consecutive NBA Championship.  Well played, ya’ll.

Like Nelson at Tragalgar

Admiral Nelson at the famous naval battle at Trafalgar Shoals saw the French and Spanish fleets arrayed before his British fleet and is reported to have remarked to one of his Captains:  “We shall have a fair test of strength.”

The French and Spanish fleets were arrayed in such a manner as to “offer battle” to the British effectively saying — come and get it, bitches.  [Big Red Car is pretty sure that was the accurate translation of the French Admiral’s comment.  But who really knows, it was a long time ago.  Haha, Big Red Car, tone it down.]

The NBA Finals — the San Antonio Spurs v the Miami Heat — was all that and then some — a fair test of strength.

Classy encounter

Admiral Nelson’s British fleet defeated the French and Spanish at Trafalgar Shoals but died in the encounter.  His last signal to his fleet before joining battle has been enshrined in British history for all time:  “England expects every man to do his duty.”

The Heat and Spurs are two classy organizations from their old school steady owners to their star studded player rosters.  [Big Red Car absolutely does NOT think the Miami Heat cheerleaders are a bit slutty.  Haha, Big Red Car, can’t you ever be serious?  Big Red Car, you are getting cut off from any more high test gasoline for that comment.]

There was no trash talking.  No Dennis Rodman baloney.  Just two classy organization, professionals all in a — fair test of strength.

At the end of the game, the respect these two teams have for each other — owners, coaches, players, fans — was obvious and heart warming.

This is how a “fair test of strength” is supposed to be conducted.  The test is conducted out on the basketball court.


The Big Red Car cannot leave this subject without expressing the pride of the State of Texas in the San Antonio Spurs.

Great owner, Peter Holt.  The Boss and Holt used to be in the same YPO chapter long ago.  Classy guy.

Great coach, Coach Pop.  Classy and creative and Old School.  Air Force Academy graduate and just an all around classy guy.

Duncan, Parket, Ginobili, Leonard, Green — all established stars and a new one coming.

These guys may have one more run in them, we shall see.

Do not put on the sack cloth and ashes for the Spurs — they got their place at the table by beating everyone else.  They fought their way into the finals and counted coup.

They came within 30 seconds of taking it.  They had a damn good year and almost snagged it all in Game 6.  Missed opportunity.

All hail the Miami Heat and their stars!  You are the champions, enjoy it.  A fair test of strength indeed!


But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.


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