The Care and Grooming of SCOTUS Justices

As you are undoubtedly aware, 83-year-old Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has finally succumbed to pressure from the White House, the Dems, and the progressives and has resigned his SCOTUS seat. He was a dyed in the wool liberal and it is likely he will be replaced by a more liberal Justice.

“Wow, these people can be nasty. I had my choice of either dying or resigning. Boom!”

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Conservative Judges

There are those who say that President Trump’s legacy will be the conservative judges he appointed and had confirmed to the Supreme Court. Maybe so. Here is an interesting insight into that question.

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Recent decisions don’t yet support that legacy, but it is early. There was a recent decision that does indeed show the impact of conservative judges.

It is the Knick v Township of Scott case that dealt with the issue of the administration of claims seeking just compensation for government takings.

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Dusky Gopher Frog SCOTUS Decision

Scrambled eggs and fried dusky gopher frog? Do they serve that at Waffle House in Mississippi?

Big Red Car here on a gray morning, but maybe I’m not giving the sun a fair chance.

Today, we speak of the Supreme Court of the United States. We think of the current SCOTUS as being a 5-vote conservative majority facing off with a 4-vote liberal minority. This is, of course, as a result of the fairly recent Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh appointments.

Yesterday, they decided a case 8-0 which caught some folks by surprise. It was the famous Dusky Gopher Frog case in which the Fifth United States Circuit Court of Appeals (New Orleans) had upheld a designation by Federal regulators (talking to you, US Fish & Wildlife Service) that a 1,500 acre tract of land was “critical habitat” for the dusky gopher frog, an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.

Image result for images dusky gopher frogs

This is your dusky gopher frog exemplar. Good looking little bugger, no?

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