Big Weekend for Jesus

Big Red Car here.  Happy Easter weekend to one and all.  As the title indicates, this is a big weekend for Jesus.

The biggest, really.

Now, I don’t mean to be either irreverent or sacrilegious but rather to state the obvious.  In the halls of Christendom, this weekend defines the basic tenet of faith that underpins everything.  Everything.

Jesus was the Son of God and came to Earth to atone for our sins by His life, teachings, suffering, death and resurrection.  This weekend is the frame in which that miracle is viewed and embraced by all of Christ’s followers.  Are you a Christ follower?

It is perfectly OK if you are not, but if you are then you should consciously take note of what you believe in to become one.

If one is not able to embrace that fundamental teaching, then it may be difficult, drifting toward impossible, to find the basis for being a Christian.  It is really just that simple.

And, as you well know, the Big Red Car likes simple.

Jesus the Carpenter

I must admit to loving the notion that Jesus was a carpenter.  The Boss loves to do carpentry work and while he is a “measure twice, cut once” kind of fellow, carpentry is both a challenge and a great pleasure.

I do wonder from time to time whether Jesus would fudge the dimensions just a bit when a kitchen wall was just a half or quarter inch out of square and He was fitting the cabinets under the watching eye of a particularly demanding client.  Did He just give it a bit of a nudge and square it all up or did He scribe the wall perfectly and transfer it to the edge of a closure strip?  Seems like a huge temptation, no?  Even for Jesus?

On the other hand, perhaps Jesus was not a trim carpenter but a framer and was used only to framing the structure — wood butcher is what they are called in the trade — and letting someone else do the trim work.

But given His attention to detail, I suspect he was more of a trim carpenter.  What is it they say?  God is in the details?  Hahaha, Big Red Car you crack yourself up.

So, yes, most likely a trim carpenter doing the fine fitting work.

The Easter Bunny

The Boss tells a tale on himself that he never could really understand how the Easter Bunny figured into things.  Why a bunny?

Easter is all about colored eggs and what the Hell does a bunny have to do with eggs?  The Easter Chicken would be a bit more realistic, grounded and logical, no?

On that basis, The Boss rejected the notion of the Easter Bunny secretly thinking that the grown ups had gotten it all screwed up — hey, isn’t that the truth about grownups getting things all screwed up — and it should have been the Easter Chicken all along.

And The Boss never did really like hard boiled eggs all that much to start with.  Even as a kid, he never did like to eat them though he was tricked into eating an egg salad sandwich with the crusts cut off once or twice.

To all of my friends on this special weekend, the Big Red Car wishes you faith and happiness and wonder at the great journey that is life.  Live well and fully.  Let the mystery of life and faith guide you along on a path of goodness and if you stray, get back on the damn path quick before anyone really notices.

Thank you, Jesus, for saving us all and we shall endeavor through our actions to merit your sacrifice.

Easter Bunny, well you’ve had a good long run but from here on out it is going to be the Easter Chicken behind whom we throw our support.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.