Who is in charge in Washington?

Big Red Car here.  Been perusing the news on the Internet and I wanted to share something with you.

It seems like nobody is in charge in Washington.  Or am I the only Big Red Car who thinks that?

The Boss is not above injecting a bit of politics into things and he has strong feelings — OK, he is a pretty seasoned chap.  Why not?

This comment is not intended to inflame or throw salt into any wounds but The Boss was struck by the notion that in the midst of all the recent scandals nobody in Washington seems to be in charge when the feathers hit the fan.  Or is that impression unfair?

The head of the FBI does not even know who is leading the IRS investigation

Yesterday, this all came into stark relief when FBI Director Mueller — a non-political appointee who has served in that position for 12 years — was unable to identify who was leading the IRS investigation within the FBI.

This is not typical political nonsense — or it should not be — because the Director of the FBI is not beholden to the current political regime.

Huh, sayeth a Big Red Car on a dark Friday morning — sun not up yet, Old Sport.

The Director of the FBI does not know who is heading up arguably the most important political/criminal investigation in his Department?  He had nothing to do with appointing him?

Take a look at this article to get a sense of how absurd this matter truly is.

Funny thing is that he had been provided with that question a week before he testified before Congress.

WTF, Big Red Car?

The Director was so clueless that he did not even inquire as to the answer to that question before trotting over to chat with the Congress?  Really?

WTF, Director Mueller?

The President is getting much of his information in the same manner as the Big Red Car?

WTF, Mr President — you get a Presidential Daily Brief with all the secrets in the world revealed to you as prepared by the CIA, NSA, DIA and all those other alphabet soup spooky outfits and you are telling us that you learn about stuff by reading Matt Drudge?

WTF, Drudge Report?

WTF, Big Red Car?

WTF, Mr President?

The quality of the information is not very good

We have people who are running huge departments — IRS, Department of Justice — and they have no clue as to questions which are often submitted before the hearings on matters of great portent and they routinely answer — “Hmmm, I know I look like a rank dumbass but I don’t know the answer to that.  Sorry!”

A guy goes to the White House 157 times over a two year period and cannot recall the nature of any of the meetings other than the White House Easter Egg Roll?  And this guy has a driver’s license?

At some point in time, we need to let a bit of competence dribble into the gumbo because this crap is not working for anyone.

Let’s get some folks in charge who are going to read and answer questions completely and truthfully.  Please.  We the people deserve this at the very least.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

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  1. no one takes responsibility because no one gets economic incentive to take responsibility. It’s like a faceless corporation. Employees aren’t empowered. Will they move up the corporate ladder by taking control? Will they make more money? No. If they take risk and accept responsibility, they are turned out in the street.

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