Who’s Running This Outfit?

Big Red Car here. The mornings in ATX are just incredible. Cool and bright. This is heaven. Get you some!

So the following information comes out.

The Army is going to be reduced by 70,000 soldiers in the coming months. It will be the smallest Army since before World War II, that is not a sound policy. That’s a subject for another day.

Reductions in force (RIFs) are not anything new. They often happen after the end of a war. Still this one is particularly poorly executed.

We are a probably a bit early as we have troops in contact right now in Afghanistan. Marines and soldiers are dying on a regular basis. Usually, it is customary to wait until the war is over before actually making the cuts.

The Boss had to deliver RIF notices to brother officers when he was in the Army. It is shitty duty.

The Pentagon is delivering RIF notices to Captains who are currently deployed to Afghanistan and conducting combat operations.

Let me say that again:

Captains currently in combat are being notified their services are no longer required at the end of their deployments.

Captains are being fired while they are actually in combat.

How would you feel about risking your life knowing when you return to the United States your service is being involuntarily terminated?

Make you feel like soldiering?

Should it?

What idiots come up with such policies? This is both operationally unsound but also heartless.

Would you ask a man to risk his life while he knows his services are no longer required if he makes it home?

This is a special kind of stupid.

But hey what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car! A special kind of stupid.