What’s with all the bowing, Mr President?

Big Red Car here.  Bluebird day in the ATX.  Cold, clear and some top down today.

Taking the top down is like “bowing” to the big Texas sky.

I must say that I am getting my carburetor in an uproar about all this nonsense about the President “bowing” to foreign leaders.  It is kind of creepy really.

At first I was tempted to consider it just silly political nonsense and then I took a closer look.


Here’s the President bowing to the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon.

OK, so is that a bow in your mind?  If not a bow, then what is it?

Saudi Arabia

Here’s the President bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia.

Now that is no ordinary bow.  That qualifies as a “deep dipper”.


Here’s the President bowing to the President of China.



Here’s the President bowing to the Emperor of Japan.


So, you tell me — does the President have a “bowing” problem?  WTF, Mr President?

Of course, we All American muscle cars, do not bow to anyone.  ANYONE.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.





6 thoughts on “What’s with all the bowing, Mr President?

  1. Bowing in other cultures doesn’t imply what it does to us. It’s a sign of respect, and if you ask me, it’s about time we show some respect for others.

  2. I have to disagree with you on this, JLM.

    The slight bow is a big part of many a culture and I see it as being culturally sensitive (which many all American muscle cars in the past have not been..).

    • .
      Rohan —

      When America successfully revolted against England which formed out Nation, we rejected any and all trappings of royalty and royal trappings.

      We do not bow or curtsy to anyone in America. Not only is that a given but we are scrupulous about it. No American President has ever lowered their head to any other ruler as it is not part of our DNA.

      It would not be appropriate protocol for a foreign leader — goose, gander — to bow before an American President.

      It is not a small thing. We were born by revolting against royalty. Washington could have been King and he adamantly refused to embrace such a notion of royalty.

      We are the longest lasting democracy — representative republic — in the world. We do not bow.

      As to All American muscle cars? WE BOW TO NOBODY. But we will give YOU, my friend, a Hell of a ride!


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