Weaponizing The Cell Phone In Ukraine

In Ukraine, a Russian (particularly senior officers) or a Ukrainian soldier better think twice before calling a girlfriend or Mom. It could cost them or their platoon their lives.

Both sides are using cell phone tech — the cell phone’s search for a nearby tower or mast through which to connect to the cell system — to identify the location of the cell phone and the soldier.

With simple triangulation based on using drones — tower/mast simulating drones — to mimic cell phone towers both sides can pinpoint locations, listen in on calls, and identify units thereafter sending missiles, rockets, or artillery to kill the soldiers at that location.

The Russians use a bit of gear called a Leer – 3 composed of a command truck and two drones that can identify up to 2,000 cell phones in a 4 mile area. One of the challenges is that 4 miles puts the electronic warfare gear close to the fighting.

Russian Leer – 3 electronic warfare command truck with drone.

Not to be outdone, the Ukrainians target such vehicles and use drones to send them a rocket of their own.

The Ukrainians have a first rate drone warfare game. First rate.

Big deal, Big Red Car?

Could be, dear reader, know all those Russian generals getting whacked?

Everybody has been amazed at the great number of division commanders — 7th Airborne Division Commander Vitaly Gerasimov as an example — and higher officers killed.

Already, in five weeks, the Russians have lost more than the collective number of US general officers killed in Vietnam and the US Middle East wars combined. In 5 weeks!

Initial attribution suggested Ukrainian snipers, but some of those old boys were blathering on their cell phones and the Ukrainians rode that signal right back to their lips. Boom!

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Is that cell call necessary, soldier?

Take a walk a mile away from your unit before calling your honey. It could cost you your life.

Tech goes to war.

“Saint Olga of Kyiv, protect your people from the Russian invaders, inspire and protect your soldiers to kill more Russians, and keep your soldiers off their God damn cell phones.”