Values & Skin In The Game

Do you embrace values which require you to have skin in the game? Or are they and you all talk?

Big Red Car here using The Boss’s computer while he’s at church. The Boss needs to spend more time at church. Needs a good sermon.

So, I get on the issue of values with that cute Mercedes convertible who lives over on Gaston Avenue. We’ll talk sometimes and sip some 10W40.


Big Red Car’s “friend” over on Gaston. They like to sip some 10W40 on weekends when The Boss is distracted. Nice set of headlights?

She’s hot on the subject of values and I ask her, “What about values?”

“Don’t get me started,” she says and burps. The 10W40 is good, but she has a little indigestion. She’s still cute.

Venture Values

“Big Red Car, everybody has values until they see the price tag,” says the hot Mercedes. “Then, they price the cost of their mythical values and say, ‘Whoa, Nellie.'”

“You think so, Sweetie? Can you give me an example?”

“Sure, Big Red, listen to all these freakin’ venture capitalists who are so big on the value of diversity and women in the workplace.”


“Look at a picture of their companies. See any women? See any black faces? But, they spend all their time lecturing the world about the value of something they don’t practice.”

“Good point, Sweetie, but maybe they’re running a profitable business and don’t want to risk something that’s working. Guy has to make a buck, right?”

“Then, Big Red, maybe they should shut the fuck up and stop lecturing everybody while not walking the talk? Maybe they should act on their values. Or are they all talk?”

I laugh because all of us are good talkers, but few of us are doers. The current ratio of bullshitters to doers in the continental US is 1000:1.

CEO values

A CEO as part of the Vision, Mission, Strategy, Tactics, Objectives, Values, Culture exercise will find the urge to commit values to paper. Not from day one, but soon.

They will engage in some “holier-than-thou” literature and end up with something that looks and reads good. Bravo, that is what they are supposed to do.

Then, something happens.

Some new hire turns out a cropper. The new hire runs smack into the values and the CEO has to act.

The CEO prices the cost of action and says, “Whoa, Nellie.”

Then the CEO has the crucible moment — is he going to pay the price to LIVE those values? Or are his values and the company culture a head fake? Fair weather values?

Is the CEO true to the the culture which is based on the values HE promogulated?

Yeah, moment-of-truth time. This is what they call in the trade a “defining moment.” It is when you choose teams between the bullshitters and the doers.

Fox News Values

Similar scenario as above, different circumstances.

Some long time employees morphs into a creep.

Take a look at Fox News. These clowns from Fox News sent a signal to the world — look at us and our blonde anchorettes and our macho men. All-American are we!

Great shoot of Slip on foot

OK, Fox News wasn’t this racy. Big Red Car admits it.

Then the Fox boys (calling them the Foxes) run into the fulfillment of their own legacy. They ran a frat party network with lots of lovely furniture, their macho boys sat where they pleased and did what they pleased. Everybody laughed it off.

The network paid out a lot of dough when some of the furniture complained. Suddenly, the Foxes decide they’ve had enough. They’ve had enough of themselves. [To be accurate, it’s the next generation who doesn’t like catching flak at Manhattan cocktail parties.]

They set the tone and they allowed it to continue for decades. Now, they have regrown their virginity and want to dismantle the fraternity.

Good luck with that.

The Cost When It Goes Wrong

The Foxes waited too long to take action. To be fair, they were happy with the results and what’s a few million a year in payouts when you’re crushing it?

The problem is now they’ve bet the entire network on their failure to act in real time.

Let’s read the headstones in the cemetery: Ailes, Greta, Megyn, O’Reilly — who else? Hannity is next?

Megyn Kelly bimbo pic

“I cannot believe the bad behavior of those Fox boys. Why? How did they ever get the idea that was appropriate?” Who would not take this serious looking chica seriously?

Bottom Line It, Big Red Car

Act quick when values are at stake. Know the price tag, but act quickly.

You dawdle, the price tag keeps growing until you’ve bet the entire enterprise on the action.

Fox News Network will cease to be of any consequence in the news business within six months. The loss of O’Reilly will kill them. One won’t need to consider their “culture” because they will no longer exist.

[The Foxes should have done something about this fifteen years ago. By not doing so, they bet the entire network on it and they will lose their butts.]

Fox News will spawn a competitor in the same six months.

ACT ON YOUR VALUES AT THE FIRST INSTANT YOU CAN. There is a price to act upon your values. There is a price to have no values. There is a price to delay acting on your values. 

The price keeps increasing. Quick, decisive action is the low cost solution.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. I liked O’Reilly, but he should have been dealt with fifteen years ago before the fate of the network was in his hands.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png





13 thoughts on “Values & Skin In The Game

  1. Space_Cowboy,

    Fox will grow stronger, as all the leaders fall behind. Now where was Brian Williams?

    Wager: 12-24 month timeframe, %of Fox’s audience grows (as advertisers return) between X & Y on graph. Amount: TBD

    Position: Have not watched tv in 17 yrs (seriously)

    Re BRC Body by Fischer…good. Updated running gear…better

    Local firm has quite a bolt-on/upgrade underpinnings package. CadCam designed/laser aligned/mig welded.
    Btw Sigmaalgebra’s assessment of femininity is ‘spot on’. Take the lead (w/a woman) or be cucked.
    Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. You’re wrong on this BRC, the competition fell long ago. Wager? Winner donates to favorite nonprofit.
    Btw tell your Boss to upgrade to an LS3 powertrain. Gen I heyday long ago….pre dotcom.

  3. “Then, Big Red, maybe they should shut the fuck up and stop lecturing everybody while not walking the talk? Maybe they should act on their values. Or are they all talk?”


    • That first young woman, what you showed of her, was gorgeous — perfect skin, gorgeous legs, flat tummy, nice arch to her back. The suggestive shoes and clothes don’t really add anything! I’ve noticed, and some statistics could be good here also, when that much of a young woman is that gorgeous, A+, the rest is nearly always at least B+ and usually A or also A+.

      For middle aged men, successful in their careers and moderately or more rich and beautiful, single women anywhere between about 13 and 30, Mother Nature has some plans. Some lawyers get involved and say make that over 16, better yet, over 18. Some feminists get involved and say, make that over 22 so that she can be out of college.

      For values, from a religion, bible, church, minister, norms of society, written values of an organization, etc. hmm ….

      I learned the hard way, “paid full tuition,” that closer to the truth is that people have a presentation of themselves before others, especially the public, (e.g., compare with I. Goffman). E.g., sure there are marriage vows, but once an expert warned me “there are a lot of affairs“. Marriage vows can look like just a combination costume party and stage performance with a lot of acting going on and nothing at all real. The vow of fidelity can be broken during the reception as the bride takes a restroom break (from a story in a book by a chef — she stopped off at the restaurant kitchen, and a member of the staff gave her what she wanted doggie style.).

      Vows, more generally values, require thinking. Instead, commonly people prefer feeling, e.g., go to Spring Break, get drunk, and get laid, and f’get about anything that might mean or anything that might happen.

      Often in life, in the tug of war between emotionalism and rationalism, bet on the first.

      Moreover, pursuing vows and values requires people to think now and not about just about now but also about a long term plan. However, a lot of people would rather not think at all and certainly not think about the future.

      For VCs, I visited a lot of VC Web sites and read what they said they were interested in: Software, software as a service, Internet applications, Internet infrastructure, innovative ideas, game-changers, disruptive projects, highly qualified founders, new ideas for big markets, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

      Eventually I had to conclude that for a VC, none of those, or projects like those, and a dime would cover a 10 cent cup of coffee.

      Instead what VCs want is a young company with traction significant and growing rapidly in potentially a huge market with young founders easily manipulated, with credit cards maxed out, exhausted from lack of sleep, hopefully each with a pregnant wife, and just desperate for some fast cash on any terms at all. And the VCs want to see some early exit opportunities in case the long term goal of another Google looks hopeless.
      And from available data, on average VC returns are not very good.

      For Fox, they should have paid off any women who actually had some solid evidence of something wrong. If any woman was treated improperly, then she should have some of the man’s blood and skin under her fingernails from when she fought back. Moreover, the men should be told that the Fox Babes are totally off limits and to keep their pants on and zipped up and their hands to themselves.

      Many of the women at Fox are totally drop dead gorgeous, and we have to assume that they have been getting attention from males from a little younger to older and much older from middle school, maybe even late grade school, to the present. Mom told me that an old solution was for a girl to carry a hat pin, about 6″ long, and have ready access to it.

      If the Murdoch sons mess up Fox, that’s on them, but I doubt that office hanky panky could really bring down the network.

      I tried to follow values: I was told that girls were cute, sweet, pretty, darling, adorable, and precious, sugar and spice and everything nice, to be protected and cared for, and in a word lovable, and that a boy shouldn’t try to pressure her, certainly not force her, to go too far. So, I tried that: I wanted us to be less lonely, have more affection, each of us have one more person in our lives who really cared about us, to confide in each other, e.g., share our thoughts about everything including life, to have some romance, that is, have us regard ourselves as boy/girl friend, to hold hands, hug, and kiss, a lot, and really mean it, to have nothing wrong or dangerous, and to give the relationship every possible chance of lasting and growing, e.g., where both she and her mom fully trusted me. I wanted it to LAST.

      Essentially it didn’t work. I did my part. What I didn’t understand, and Dad didn’t explain to me, was that I needed make clear and explicit, over and over, often, just what I had in mind. Why? Otherwise she and/or her mom could become from worried up to just terrified she’s be hurt, physically, emotionally, psychologically, in her self-esteem, in her self-image, in her reputation, and, in particular, pregnant. More generally a most moms would want their daughters not to become very involved.

      Net, just having high respect for the girl and following high values wasn’t enough.

      Eventually I figured out what was wrong — generally, from her family, e.g., a single mother and adopted, she had a lot of anxiety, she was afraid of “going too far”, and more that is R-rated and omitted.

      That girl, Mother Nature, and I, we all lost. Why? Broadly there’s a lot of (A) female emotionalism that overwhelms rationalism and creates anxiety, (B) in about 1/4th of females, there’s a lot of anxiety in general, so much that it gets in the way of nearly everything else in life, (C) our society has from wars and economic disasters ruined a lot of US family social and psychological capital that is supposed to be passed down across generations, e.g., with the children, mother, grandmothers, and some aunts all helping the mother with the children but has been destroyed and is missing. (D) We’re designed to live in tribes, not the present, large, money-based US economy. E.g., in a tribe of, say, 300, everyone knows everyone and sees everyone at least several times a week. But in the US, a kid can grow up and know nearly none of their 300 closest neighbors. The social situation at school can be very cold, harsh, nasty, and competitive. It’s a bad situation.

      And, as for nearly any sufficiently bad situation, Darwin is on the case and having his way: Western Civilization is having on average so few
      kids per woman that it is going extinct — literally. E.g., in Spain, there are whole, ancient villages standing empty: They few young people left for the cities; the old people died; and no one was left. It’s no way to live, and as a society and civilization we are paying the ultimate price — we are going extinct.

        • Fox should ask O’Reilly back.

          If anymore women want to charge Fox staff with harassment, Fox needs to lawyer up with some tough lawyers who will insist on seeing fresh samples of the man’s blood, skin, and hair under the woman’s fingernails — else, no case or some such.

          For the Fox Babes, it appears that there is no shortage of women 20-40 who can look gorgeous, smile, speak clearly, have a nice, sweet voice, read the lines, and make really nice small talk.

          For looking gorgeous, there is a good start with just some standard steps: (1) Use diet and exercise to get to proper weight and muscle tone. (2) Get some expert, personalized help on hair, makeup, and clothes. (3) Have the teeth looking good. (1)-(3) can go a long way. If there’s a little something wrong, then it likely can be covered up. If there’s nothing wrong, then she can look from plenty good up to just gorgeous.

          A big, huge secret of the success of Fox is that they are the only big time, network TV channel that refuses to be just made-up, cooked-up, stirred-up, faked-up lying propaganda for the Democrats and refuses to follow the NYT, other NY and NE socialists, and any remaining NYC Communists around with a stick and a roll, the stick to carry the roll, and the roll to keep the back side of the NYT clean — not so easy to do.

          That fact alone does not necessarily make Fox news very good, but it does make them light years ahead of all the rest of the MSM, the sorry, sick-o, MSM.

          Keep a nice collection of Fox Babes, have Coulter, Ingraham, Dr. Crowley, and any other exceptionally bright women they can find on frequently, keep on really good experts, especially Newt Gingrich, and more would be welcome, get O’Reilly back, interview Trump and Trump Administration leaders frequently in well informed and fair interviews, do a good job playing it down the middle, and they will do fine.

          • .
            If you fire someone who is on vacation in Italy hanging with the Pope, you are ot going to get that person to come back.

            O’Reilly still has a mini-empire with his writing, personal appearances.

            His shelf life is about six months. I’m sure there’s a non-compete. They did pay him $25MM.

            This is going to get interesting.


        • Rumor has it that they want to take fox far more to the left. Maybe letting the foxes run free in the hen house was part of the plan to clean house. Of course all of the let go talent will land at a new conservative station where they will clean fox’s clock. But if you’re a leftist who thinks that the world needs another MSM station, all of the power to ya.

          • ,
            The Murdoch boys are married to leftist women and they are drifters left.

            They have an incredibly powerful franchise and it’s making a lot of money, but they want to mess with it. It is typical rags to riches to rags thinking.

            They are printing money and someone is complaining about the windows being dirty. Clean the windows, but don’t wreck the money machine.

            I think Fox News will be a shell of itself in a year. I also think there is a good chance somebody creates a new conservative station. There is a lot of talent out there.


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