Those Rotten Billionaires and Philanthropists

Big Red Car here.

The Boss was headed up to the Little Deli when he saw this article here.

It seems that after decades of discussion the University of Texas in Austin is going to, at last, get a medical school.

President Bill Powers

President Bill Powers — great guy, The Boss’s Perfect Daughter rooms with his daughter in N Y C — has made it happen.  Congratulations to Bill Powers.

Bill used to be the Dean of the law school before becoming the President of The University.  He has his fingerprints on a couple of the best schools on the planet.  Well played.

Dell generosity — a growing tradition

If you read the article, you will see that Michael and Susan Dell will have their names on the front door of the new medical school.

The Dells are a very generous couple.  In their support of the University of Texas they have made the following investments:

A $50,000,000 gift to the new University of Texas Medical School (2013)

A $38,000,000 gift to create the Dell Pediatric Research Institute (2010)

A $10,000,000 gift for the Dell Computer Science Hall

The impact of philanthropy on business

This blog post was typed on a Dell computer.  It also has Dell’s name on it.  Haha, too funny Big Red Car.

But here is something very important — The Boss will only be buying Dell computers for the rest of his life because he supports those who make a difference on this planet.

I am sure that the Dells would be doing the exact same thing regardless of their near term fortunes.  They are obviously naturally generous.  But you have to wonder………….

So, those rotten billionaires who are not paying their “fair share” — Michael and Susan Dell are making the rest of ya’ll look pretty damn good!  Good on them!

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway, I’m just a Big Red Car.

Now go out there and emulate the Dells.  Make a billion and give it away.


5 thoughts on “Those Rotten Billionaires and Philanthropists

  1. Agree that the Dell’s are swell. Just wish the corporate entity would relocate their tech/billing folks from Bangalore. Got a couple of unbelievable tales to tell from past encounters. (Still typed on a Dell, BTW.)

      • They will return, I predict. As living standards / wages rise, there will be a reverse flow that could be as swift as the original.

  2. The DELL Children’s Medical Center answers a lot of prayers for families of all socioeconomic levels, they wouldn’t have been able to if Michael Dell hadn’t busted his ass to make the money to donate

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