The Sons of Tigers Are Tigers — Inspiration

Big Red Car here.  Can only hang for a few seconds but wanted to share something that brought tears to my eyes this morning.  Literally.

The Old Man — The Boss’s 94 year old Father — always says — “The sons of tigers are tigers.”

This usually comes up when they are discussing whether the current generation can hold the jocks of the Greatest Generation.

The Boss never really gets what The Old Man means by that phrase but The Boss thinks he means that the DNA of the Greatest Generation is in the blood of their descendants and that when tested they too will rise to the challenge.

This article reports an act of world class kindness and sensitivity that calls out all the unfavorable comparisons of the Me Generation, the Millenials, to other generations.

These young men have the blood of tigers in their veins.  They must have been raised by fine parents who planted within them real character.

Try to read this article and then tell me your eyes are not crying.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

Pass this story along to a friend and tell them to keep a hanky handy.  Do it.




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