The Presidency is a Graded Exercise

Big Red Car here. Weather has turned…………..spectacular. 80F yesterday and will be balmy again on Monday. Ahhh, this is why folks live in Texas.

So the President is a couple of years from being unemployed. That’s when he’ll get serious about unemployment, his unemployment.

To get a job, he will like everyone else have to prepare a resume. His resume will outline his responsibilities and folks — prospective employers — will ask him how some of those things turned out.

Some wag might ask him: “Are you the guy who was going to bring us hope and change?”

The President would say proudly: “Yeah, I’m THAT guy, the hope and change guy.”

The wag might say: “Didn’t you have a few problems with the economy, some shovel ready nonsense that turned out not to be so shovel ready until after you had thrown a trillion dollars or so at it?”

The President might say: “Yeah, that turned out not to be the change I was hoping for. I’ll admit that. But, don’t be a hater. If you think that was a problem, that Obamacare — my idea entirely — turned into a real shit sandwich. I trusted that idiot Sebelius and she couldn’t get the damn website to launch. Embarassing!”

The prospective employer: “Yeah, I remember that. Let me study your resume and I’ll get back to you.”

The President: “Get back to me? I’m the freakin’ President of the United States. You don’t get back to me. I get back to you.”

The employer: “Nah, Mr. President, no disrespect but your job is a graded exercise. People have been following the economy, foreign policy, domestic policy and you’ve been getting a report card. And, here’s the thing, Mr. President — the Presidency is a graded exercise and your grades, well, your grades suck. Leave the resume on the desk and I’ll get back to you.”

When the President left, the employer retrieved the resume and ran it through the shredder.

“Freakin’ jerk, thinks the Presidency is not a graded exercise. Anybody who takes his measure or disagrees with him is a hater. Anyone who suggests he is not perfect is a racist.”

The Presidency is a graded exercise and the American people are the graders and only results count. How do you grade the President on his performance in the last six years?

Are you one of those folks who love the guy regardless of what he does poorly, fails at or completely screws up?

If so, you are an ideologue and can’t be trusted with a red pen or a report card form. You don’t really care what the guy does or how he does it.

Take a second to grade the President on how his performance has showed up on your doorstep, your dinner plate.

What grade do you give him?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Grade the President and ask yourself — how did this guy ever get this job?