THE Moments of Our Lives

Big Red Car here.  Hey, HOWDY, from the Big Red Car, ya’ll!  It’s a great day to be alive so enjoy it.

Bit of a storm blew through town last night — windy, cold front blew through.  Rainy and wet.  It’s 43F and it’s supposed to get down into the 30’s tonight.

Hey, Mother Nature, bring it, baby.  Bring it.

So The Boss was up in New York City a week or so ago and was enjoying himself.  Hell, he’s always enjoying himself.  He met with some of his CEO clients and a few venture capitalists and basically ate his way through NYC [but that’s another story].

He was invited to join one of his CEO clients at a little celebration at a great and unique restaurant, Momofuko, for a celebration of the successful launch of a new website Wander & Trade.  We spoke of it a bit here.

Go look at the website.  [The Boss bought the Mason jar cocktail shaker and the cool Brooklyn made tote, messenger bag, backpack as Christmas presents for some lucky recipients.  The transaction was smooth, easy and a joy to behold.]


This brings us back to the issue of ritual as a part of the development of a potent and robust company culture.  Remember we spoke of that once before right here?

This is what the launch lunch at Momofoku looked like for Wander & Trade.

Brandon Burns, the brilliant CEO and founder of Wander & Trade, is the smiling gent on the right who is going to be buying everyone’s lunch.  Those chop stix in the foreground belong to The Boss.  The lady on the right who was cut out of the picture is Brandon’s lovely sister.  [Damn, Boss, keep your day job cause photography is clearly not your calling.  Sorry.]

The balance of the year — Thanksgiving, Pearl Harbor Day, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years are a time for ritual, reflection and planning.

Do a bit of it.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Use the cold weather as an excuse to cuddle with a nice little Mercedes Benz or whomever you fancy these days.  Be good to yourself.  You deserve it.