Tethered to Reality v Untethered

Of late, I am convinced that there are multiple parallel worlds in which we and others exist. These worlds being “parallel” never intersect. When they do, the laws of physics create sparks, sparks create fire, and the fire burns bright until it is extinguished by reality. In the end, reality trumps all.

Case in point is the relentless pursuit of President Donald J Trump by the Jabba the Hutt figure, Congressman Jerry Lewis Nadler, Chairman House Judiciary Committee.

Jerry, 71, has been a Congressman since 1992, that’s 27 years. Before that he was in the NY Assembly for 15 years. All told, he has been a politician for 42 years.

[Historical quirk — Jerry was elected Stuyvesant High School 1964-65 student government president wherein his campaign was managed by Dick Morris. Yes, that Dick Morris.]

Jerry sees himself as a tranformational figure in both life and politics. Here he is after his own substantial transformation. Bravo!

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Jerry the Hutt = Lex Luthor

I feel the need to admit that I like Jerry Nadler in a Lex Luthor, the nemesis of Superman/Barman sort of way.

Yes, I dig Jerry the Hutt. Make no mistake, this is Netflix quality entertainment with Old School characters.

Without Lex, there is no conflict and, therefore, no climax, denouement, and triumph. Jerry Nadler is essential to the nonsense and were he not a real person, a writer would have to create him.

You may recall that LL had a Warsuit that gave him the ability to fly, deploy all sorts of evil weapons, enjoy the unique benefits of a protective force field, and that gave him extraordinary strength. What LL did not have was any superpowers.

Come on, Big Red Car — what is Jerry doing?

What Jerry Nadler has is the idea that his Congressional committee is going to investigate President Donald Trump, and the issues of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, obstruction of justice, and other financial wrongdoings of an unspecified manner.

Having selected their man, they will now cast about for a crime, any crime, make up a crime if needed.

He imagines his own superpower will be to unearth evil and wrongdoing that was overlooked by the Mueller-directed fifty FBI agents and eighteen prosecutors during their twenty-one month long colonoscopy of all things Trump.

Because WTF, Mueller el al wasn’t looking hard enough, right?

This is what I mean when I used the phrase “tethered to reality.” Jerry the Hutt is like a Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloon careening not down the canyons of Manhattan, but through the halls of Congress.

The Thanksgiving day parade balloons are make believe as is Jerry the Hutt.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Jerry Nadler and his tribe are going to find nothing that Mueller did not find. That’s the bottom line.

There will be a lot of faux sparks, but no fire.

In the end, he will put depth and substance to the meme of the “persecution of Donald J Trump” which will drive fair-minded folks to the ballot box come 2020 to right his wrongs and to re-elect President Trump handily.

[Note: While this goes on, no problems will be solved, no legislation will be advanced, nothing will get done. The compact with the people — “Send us to Congress and we will get shit done for y’all!” Well, that isn’t going to happen. Thanks, Jerry the Hutt.]

Who’s the hero here, Big Red Car?

Was Jabba the Hutt a heroic figure in Star Wars? Take a second, if you need to. Answer: NO!

Will Jerry the Hutt find anything unfound or overlooked by the Mueller bloodhounds? Not. Bloody. Likely.

By process of elimination, who becomes the heroic figure?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car with a penchant for reality. Get tethered, y’all.

[Programming note: I am purposely trying to limit my political dialog. Been doing a good job on it. I will have one day a week on which I will go dark and political. Hope that works for you. But, remember, hope is not a strategy.]