Taking No For An Answer?

Big Red Car here.  Ahh, another very cool day in a very cool place.  On Earth as it is in Texas, ya’ll.  Don’t fight the feeling.

So The Boss had a funny experience yesterday.

He’s at Walmart buying some catfish line for a garden project — climbing mandevilla on a big stone wall.  Of course, you are intimately familiar with catfish fishing, right?  Trot lines and all?  Well you can get 250 pound white twine for a trot line and that’s good, ya’ll.  It’s real cheap and it’s strong and it’s white.  Bingo!

While at Walmart, he decides to upgrade his cell phone to the “slab of cheese” mega phone with the BIG numbers.  It’s very economical and he’s been planning on doing that for some time now.

He does it.

Walmart sales person, sharp young Hispanic lady who knows everything about the Big Slab of Cheese Phone, takes over.   Please note Big Slab of Cheese Phone compared to former “little” tiny phone.  Note also poached eggs and grapefruit breakfast?  [Wisdom, it’s what’s for breakfast, ya’ll?  Haha, Big Red Car, you crack yourself up.]

First try, AT&T says “no bueno”  for some reason.  Some obscure plan related objection.

Our intrepid Walmart sales lady takes no umbrage.  She makes a second call.

Says:  “Sometimes ATTTTTTTTT&T can be a pain in the butt, all depends on who you get.  Can’t take NO for an answer.”

Walmart sales lady makes it happen and imparts a bit of wisdom.

An entrepreneur’s primary responsibility is not taking NO for an answer.  Do you let yourself take NO for an answer?  Stop it.

But, hey what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car and I never take NO for an answer, ya’ll. Never. Not ever.