Words Do NOT Matter

Bit of clickbait in that title, but allow me to translate. Of late, we are struggling with words to describe disturbances in both the Force and in the public square. To take the suspense out of it — I condemn both of them.

Allow me to compare two different happenstances:

 1. The “peaceful protests” of BLM/Antifa on the West Coast and Upper Midwest this summer after the George Floyd trigger; and,

BLM/Antifa peaceful protest, rally in Minneapolis in 2020. NOT A RIOT. Do not get too close to those peaceful flames.

 2. The post-election “not so peaceful protests” at the Capitol last week.

They are decidedly different, no?

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Words I Do Not Love From 2020

I am trying not to use the word “hate” in my writings, thus I am focused on words “I do not love” from 2020.

I am very critical of the entire year of 2020 and honestly expect it to be recalled with all of us receiving a Mulligan. Go ask a golfer what a Mulligan is.

So, with only two more days in this bastard, vagabond, vermin ridden, flotsam, jetsam, detritus, vomitus, infected bed bug bite of a year, here are some works I do not love:

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