How Stupid Do They Think You Are? Very Stupid

By now, you have undoubtedly heard that the Mueller team — when approached by the Department of Justice Inspector General as part of his investigation into the predicate for the creation of the original counter-intel investigation that gave rise to the Mueller Investigation — informed the IG that there were 31 phones they had used by key players, but that were devoid of any information.

Wait, what?

This moron (Princeton undergrad, Columbia Law grad, Andrew Weissmann, Mueller Senior Counsel/Prosecutor) wants you to believe he forgot his passcode twice on two different iPhones and had no alternative other than to wipe them clean rather than deliver them to the inspector General. No phone records, no texts, no emails. Twice. Do you believe him?

This happened two years ago in 2017, but just came to light. The timing is a little murky. You will recall several important things:

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