Racial v Racist

I have been lying low for a few weeks, reading, drinking in the mood in the country, thinking, visiting a new granddaughter Eadie in Savannah, and reflecting on the state of things. I have enjoyed the time away, but it is time to return.

One of the disconnects I see in the world and in the United States, in particular, is the inability to understand the difference between racial differences and racism.

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White Privilege = Original Sin

Going philosophical on you. Original Sin and White Privilege.

If you are a Christian, you likely know about the concept of Original Sin.

When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden — hey, have you ever imagined a world in which Adam and Eve had chocolate chip cookies with ice cold milk and didn’t bite into that apple (honeycrisp, likely)? — mankind was tagged with an ancestral sin that was fairly shared amongst all of us as collective guilt.

Here’s Michelangelo catching Adan & Eve in the act in the Garden of Eden.

[Note: The Snake, the perpetrator, seems to have womanly characteristics. No? Is that terribly unwoke to mention? If so, I apologize. Also, please take notice of the fact that everyone in the painting is white. This will turn out to be important.]

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Charleston — Look to Charleston

Big Red Car here. There is an enormous ball of fire in the sky, toward the east. It is making people uncomfortable as we have grown used to our constant rain. I will keep you posted on this development as it is very odd.

It has stopped raining.

Charleston, designated by Southern Living some years ago as the friendliest and most hospitable city in the United States, was founded in 1670 and moved to Oyster Point shortly therafter. In Colonial times, it was the fifth largest city in the United States. It continues to be an important city. Continue reading


The Butler and Racism in America

Big Red Car here.  If you haven’t heard about the new movie The Butler please go get a physical right away.  Haha, funny stuff, Big Red Car.

The movie is the “true” life story of a black butler — Cecil Gaines in the movie and Gene Allen in the real world — in the White House who served Presidents from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan.  It is a racial road map of America and how its views on race evolved over a protracted period of time with a lens held up to the Oval Office.

It stars an interesting cast including Forrest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding, Jr, Robin Williams and the BRC’s personal favorite — Minka Kelly.

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