CEO Shoptalk: Perception, Perspective, Persuasion

One of the mean tricks of Father Time is he arms us with useful skills late in life that we needed when we were in our twenties and then laughs as we try to share that experience and wisdom with others.

Pro tip: given the choice of discovering wisdom at full tuition or renting it — RENT IT.

Today we discuss the linkage amongst perception, perspective, and persuasion — a lesson I wish I had had when I was a 22-year old platoon leader some 51 years ago or a deflowered entrepreneur a decade later. I, unfortunately, paid full tuition. Continue reading


Perception is Everything

┬áBig Red Car here. So, we had the “violent extremism” summit at the White House. There was a lot of photo ops. There was even the announcement of the appointment of a CZAR to combat ISIS and other various shitheads on social media. That is going to scare the crap out of beheaders, right?

What we have a is a fundamental problem. It is called perception. Continue reading