Hanlon’s Razor and Other Adages

I am in New York City freezing my ass off. I come every year to see the Veterans Day Parade (which was a huge disappointment this year). I hate cold weather, but I voluntarily came to NYC, so who can I blame?

I can only blame myself which brings me to my thought for today. We often look for difficult explanations to simple things.

Case in point is something called Hanlon’s Razor. Hanlon’s Razor (like Murphy’s Law and Occam’s Razor) provides us with wisdom when we are looking to explain something we believe to be complicated and transcendental.

Hanlon’s Razor goes something like this:

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

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Occam’s Razor — A Rule For Simpletons

Big Red Car here.  The Boss was up very early this morning and out to the lakehouse and back almost before dawn.  He’s been a busy beaver these days.

He was meeting with someone who was trying to explain something to him that he believed was very simple.  The Boss likes simple.  In fact, he often says that he IS a simpleton meaning thereby that he likes simple things.

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