Palantir And Artificial Intelligence (?) Go To War In Ukraine

On New Years Day the Ukrainians struck a school in Makiivka the Russians used to house up to 500 soldiers. It was well behind the FEBA (forward edge of the battle area, the line of contact).

From Russian sources — meaning these are Russia’s numbers — the four projectile HIMARS attack resulted in substantial Russian casualties: 90 KIA and 300 WIA. I suspect they are greater.

How did the Ukrainians do this, Big Red Car?

Well, the answer is a tour de force on how a much smaller, scrappy nation can fight a much larger nation by using technology to create a meaningful advantage.

There is a distinct possibility the Ukrainians will emerge from this conflict as a tech war super power.

Palantir – who is Palantir?

File:Palantir Technologies logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

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