Manchin In The Middle

Comes now our 50-50 US Senate with all ties decided by the President of the Senate, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

Structurally, the Senate is the “saucer” intended to cool the heat of the House’s passions.

This goes back to an anecdote in which George Washington was having coffee with a newly returned from France Thomas Jefferson.

TJ did not like the idea of a second chamber for legislation. As they enjoyed their coffee, George Washington asked Jefferson why he had poured his steaming hot coffee into his saucer to which TJ replied, “To cool it.” [Did you realize that is how saucers were used?]

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The Bad Biden Policy Begins — Keystone XL Pipeline

In less than 46 hours, we will have a peaceful transition of power as Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States.

He will be my President. I will not riot, demonstrate, conduct a coup, cry, wail, march up and down the street with a sign that says “Not My President”, and I will not demand his impeachment today — or, likely, ever. Not my style.

I will extend to him every courtesy of his high and difficult office as if I were interfacing with the entire 80MM persons who put him there. I will be respectful also to the 75MM Americans who did not want him. I will be a respectful, adult Big Red Car.

I have prayed that God grant him the grace to deal well with his momentous duties. I will continue to pray for him.

I will focus solely on policy. In my critique of Mr. Biden’s presidency, I will applaud those policies which I think are good for the country and I will boo those policies I do not think are good for the country.

Today, I learned of a policy initiative which President-elect Biden intends to put into practice immediately upon taking office.

President Biden Will Cancel the $9Bn Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

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