The HP Technology Noose

So, I have an HP printer (still under warranty), nice little wireless unit that constantly requires reconnecting to the Internet, but I can handle this.


Yesterday, it stops working and gives me a differing set of messages and colored lights. If you get a solid amber light, the baby doesn’t work.

So, I work my magic that in the past has cracked the code and it doesn’t work.

I do it five times and finally admit defeat and call HP Support to the rescue. Takes a few minutes to present my bonafides, the serial number of the machine, the PIN, and other data.

Then I tell them the story.

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COVID Exposes The Weaknesses

Business environments are impacted by laws, regulation, and leadership. This happens at the state level.

The business environment in, say, New York and California is different than the business environment in Texas.

COVID and the pressure upon Governors — the CEOs of their states — to steward the business environment in their states whilst simultaneously dealing with the pandemic has accentuated differences in state leadership and regulation.

These differences have triggered meaningful mobility amongst companies and investors.

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