Strategy v Tactics v Objectives

Big Red Car here.  Going to be a great day in the ATX and why the Hell not?  On Earth as it is in Connecticut?  No, dear friends, on Earth as it is in Texas!

So, The Boss is laying out how to build the fundamental intellectual building blocks of a new company.  Have you been paying attention?  Yes, you have, Grasshopper and the Big Red Car appreciates it very much.  Thank you.

We have wrestled with the Vision and Mission and now we are going to discuss the Strategy, Tactics and Objectives.  If you did not see these earlier posts, you can review them here.

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So how do Strategy and Tactics and Objectives differ, Big Red Car?

I am glad you asked that because that is the purpose of this blog post after all.

Strategy is the big picture.  The description of how the Vision and Mission will be transformed into reality by the actions of the team, the company.  Strategy is the 30,000 foot view of the overall industry and enterprise.

Tactics are the specific actions which will be used to implement the strategy.  Tactics are “boots on the ground”.

Objectives are the assignment of the tactics to individuals and teams in bite sized increments which can be monitored, measured and managed.  Objectives are the To Do List and the Report Card.

Hey, Big Red Car, are there some “begets” at work here?

Yes, dear reader, we are in the land of the begets — not beignets.  Beignets are sugary little morsels of dough eaten with chicory coffee in New Orleans.  No we are talking “begets” here.

1.  The Vision of the entrepreneur and company founder begets — informs — the Mission.

2.  The Mission begets — drives — the Strategy.

3.  The Strategy begets — defines — the Tactics.

4.  The Tactics begets — assigns — the Objectives.

The continuum of Vision, Mission, Strategy, Tactics, Objectives when coupled with Values and Culture is the “planning continuum” which propels the company toward its destiny as a solution to some important world problem.  And ultimately toward the Pay Window in some form or fashion of delivering shareholder value.

[The Big Red Car is a capitalist Big Red Car.  Capitalism, the -ism which has delivered the highest quality of life and the greatest creation of wealth in the history of mankind.  Capitalism is good.  And remember when the Big Red Car puts it in [xxx]s, only you and the Big Red Car can see it.  Haha, Big Red Car, you are a hoot.]

They are woven together into the tapestry — one thread at a time — which will become the business.  A sound base, a strong wearing surface, an attractive pattern.  A great, well planned business.

In the days ahead, we will work through the Strategy, Tactics and Objectives of our exemplar.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car — but I am an American capitalist Big Red Car and don’t you ever forget it, sport.  Now get out there and have a nice damn day, ya’ll.  You deserve it.





3 thoughts on “Strategy v Tactics v Objectives

  1. Excellent, I can imagine tactics suiting the occasion while fitting within an overarching strategy. But the 30000 foot view doesn’t always make sense when your boots are on the ground.

    How do you handle the conflict, and which do you trust? Strategy can fail but tactics may reveal a new strategy that satisfied the Mission & Vision

    • .
      In the context in which strategy and tactics relate in this blog post, they are planning functions and imply the creation of a strategic plan and a tactical plan.

      A strategic plan is broad while a tactical plan — a business plan — is more precise and specific.

      Strategy — create an ecommerce platform for the conduct of auctions of large institutional quality real estate assets like high rise office buildings.

      Tactic — build a website with a web presence, a membership pod and a pod for each individual property

      This would lead to a specific set of objectives such as — hire two programmers to undertake the design

      In this way, the strategy is fleshed out into a tactical plan which is then subdivided into specific objectives. Measurable and manageable objectives which can be assigned to specific individuals to accomplish.

      It all works and flows together in a single continuum from 30K altitude to boots on the ground to a granular set of objectives.


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