Size Matters

Big Red Car here.  Nice cooooooooooooooool night but WTF about this humidity?  Almost 80% — that’s like freakin’ Houston.  Houston, we’ve got a problem!  Haha, Big Red Car, you are starting early today.  Cut the crap, Big Red Car and get on with today’s story.

So the house sitter runs the snot out of the Big Red Car last night but almost forgets to fill me up with gas — petrol to you Brits.  The kid forgets to gas me up.  The Boss is going to hear about this, you can bet on it.  I limp into the gas station and finally get filled up after the kid finally finds my gas tank behind the license plate.  Where do they get these kids from?

So, our Founding Fathers intended the Federal government to be a very limited government tasked only with the “enumerated powers” they had penned into the Constitution and that the real power would be held by the UNITED States.  Makes sense, no?  They had, after all, just whipped the ultimate “big government” enterprise of its day — the English Crown.

Size breeds mischief

The wisdom of the Founders can be seen when one takes a look at our bloated and behemoth current government which has recently provided a evidence as to what can go wrong when one is allowed to eat unlimited cheeseburgers — figuratively speaking.

Big government is:

1.  Out of control — not just in the sense that it is up to mischief but literally that it is a bureaucracy which cannot be effectively managed.  This is a management issue not a governing philosophy issue.

2.  Not accountable to its owners — that would be “we the people”.  It spends way too much and no amount of criticism from its owners is going to change that in the short term.

3.  Complex to the degree that both control and accountability are beyond the ken of normal humans.  Who really knows what is going on at the IRS?  Well, apparently, NOBODY.

Not that the Big Red Car is so stupid to believe the silly notions that have been bandied about — “a couple of low level dweebs in Cincinnati coloring outside the lines with no supervision” — yeah, right.

4.  Unable to change with the times and completely devoid of any agility, nimbleness or streamlining.  It is fat, slow and stupid — profoundly resistant to change.

5.  Constantly growing as evidenced by its very budgeting discipline which simply takes last year’s expenditures and adds to it.  Constantly.  No zero based budgeting for this big fat lard ass — just keep eating cheeseburgers.  “Does this budget make my ass look fat?”

6.  A platform for all kinds of secret abuses because it both lacks accountability and transparency.  Did you know that all of your social media darlings were sharing your info with the government when you checked off that “agreement” and “privacy policy”?  Well, nobody else did either.  And that did not happen by mistake.

7.  The petri dish in which each and every toxic political trick can take root, be nourished and multiply.  It is a breeding ground for liars and then these same liars are rewarded for their lying.  Susan Rice?

8.  Way, way, way too expensive — literally consuming the wealth and work of a nation to perpetuate its gargantuan waste line.  [Haha, funny stuff, Big Red Car — “waste” line?  You are not as funny as you think, Big Red Car.]

Can it be changed?

The Big Red Car has bad news to deliver — the answer is NO.

Government cannot be changed but what may be possible is to slowly but surely change the hands on the tiller and in that manner redirect its efforts.

This will be a slow and gradual process but the Big Red Car is not very optimistic that it can be done.

Elect better leaders?  Not bloody likely with the quality of the electorate, the rampant cheating and the inability to wean an increasingly dependent population from the sugar tit that is government.

WTF, Big Red Car what can we really do?

Well, Old Sport, damn little.

But know this — be skeptical and wary of your government.  Your government routinely lies to you — that band of wayward movie critics who triggered the Benghazi massacre, those talking points that nobody in the White House altered, those dweebs from the IRS — all lies.  Big lies.  Big lies emanating from the White House itself.

The literal size of government is slowly but surely eating the American Dream.  [Burp!  Fart!  Wow, that really stinks, Big Red Car.]

They are creating a vassal state of dependency that will ultimately make the entire population their serfs through wealth redistribution, absorbent taxation, government dependency, a welfare state and a disability/food stamps/unemployment/healthcare charnel house.

This process is well under way and there are no real opposing forces dampening its creation.

It is time for America to say — enough!  Or, given the current focus on immigration, maybe — Ya Basta!

Maybe it is time for the Second American Revolution?

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.