Reducing The Rancor

Beloved readers, you may have noticed that your Big Red Car has not communicated with you in slightly more than two weeks — the last time we spoke being 18 October 2020 whereon we spoke of the subject of whether America continues to product men:

Does America Still Produce Men?

So, Big Red Car, why?

Ahhh, dear reader, your Big Red Car did not want to add to the rancor of the times. I felt as if the issues of the day were sufficiently well laid out and discussed. It was an experiment.

How did the experiment feel, you Big Red Car?

OK, not great, not bad, just OK.

I did not miss it. I did not glory in it. I did it anonymously so as to avoid any misunderstood sense of virtue signaling.

I will say it gave me a bit more time to read the writings and utterances of others — which, frankly, left me unimpressed.

So, beloved reader, there you have it. I am back. Thank you to the several persons who inquired as to the state of my health. I am fine.

Be well, amigos.