North Korea – the Libya Solution

The Libya Solution? Really, Big Red Car?

Big Red Car here going North Korea on y’all. You know I served in the Republic of Korea in the Army back in the 1970s, so I have always been interested in all things Korea.

I used to spend time on the DMZ on my belly studying the goings on in North Korea. Plus, I used to build artillery positions and GSR (ground surveillance radar) sites on the top of mountains to shoot or spook into NK.

The Boss back in the day, freezing while overseeing the building of a road to the top of a mountain to build an artillery firing position. That’s North Korea in the background. My favorite thing about the Army — a constant supply of Jeeps. The radio on that Jeep could reach to Saturn.

So, when it began to appear like we were headed to war in Korea, I followed it closely.

Now, it looks like Kim Jung Ping Pong is going to come to President Trump’s table with some peace offerings in hand.

I give President Trump the credit for his bellicose approach to the nuclearization of the Hermit Kingdom because he scrapped “strategic patience” and substituted “fire and fury” in its place.

Who dreamed up “strategic patience” and how does it differ from not doing anything while Kim and his buddies figured out to make nukes and rockets capable of reaching Dallas?

The Libya Solution

On a Sunday morning talk show, National Security Adviser John Bolton mentioned that there was a good prototype for the denuclearization of an otherwise hostile government in the case of Libya. He called it the Libya Solution.

Chris Wallace was discussing it with Johnny Boy. They glossed over some details.

The Libya Solution involved Strong Man Mo Gaddafi coughing up his nukes, joining the society of civilized nations, and, ultimately, being deposed and killed. As a prelude to the killing, Mo had a love affair with a bayonet. So much for the long term attractiveness of the Libya Solution, eh?

Mo Gaddafi tricked out for prom night complete with shades and swagger stick. Most of the swag comes from Michael’s. I love the gold epaulets and cord. The Raybans make it. This is what you would get if you cross bred a pimp with a 4-star general’s aide-de-camp. Of course, the guy had his own country until he received the Libya Solution, no?

Kim Jong Ping Pong and the Libya Solution

Kim has come to his senses — we sort of have to believe that, no? If this is a head fake, it is a big one.

He is willing to de-nuclearize the peninsula of Korea in return for the US promising not to invade or to lobby for regime change. I also have to imagine we are going to be picking up his Amex card bill for a few years. There will be the cost to demolish and there will be money for food.

Folks suspect he got an earful from President Xi of China, has begun to appreciate the subtlety of the Trump foreign doctrine with a side order of Syria, and the big one — he’s going broke as the sanctions are at the full-Nelson position.

The sanctions have had a part to play, but, essentially, Kim has decided that there is no long term play here.

Hence, the Libya Solution. But, ask yourself, does Kim know exactly what the Libya Solution really means?

Kim and the Libya Solution

Here is Kim when someone explained the Libya Solution to him.

The translation was a little garbled, but appeared to be Kim saying, “What the fuck are you talking about? The Libya Solution includes me getting sexually assaulted with a bayonet before being murdered by a mob? This is the Libya Solution?” Apparently, Kim is not fully read into the Libya Solution.

So, did National Security Adviser really mean that the Libya Solution was the right answer? Was there a purposeful ominous note? Only time will tell.

On a serious note. I am optimistic for a very technical reason. The North Korean propaganda machine and the North Korean censors allowed the entire meeting with South Korean President Moon to be televised and reported verbatim, including Kim’s utterances. Small thing, but big thing. I have a sneaking suspicion the deal gets done. Thanks, Trump, you magnificent bastard!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.