Mission Statement – Writer’s Block

Big Red Car here. Big today, garage getting cleaned to the bone. To the max. Going back to parking cars in the garage. Hoping for a spot for the Big Red Car but have a sneaking feeling it’s going to be that damn Lexus. We shall see.

Did mention the weather is fine, y’all? Just fine as ever. On Earth as it is in Texas!

So The Boss has a client who says: “Boss, I’m paralyzed. I can’t get this damn mission statement written. It keeps coming out like War & Peace. Boss, help me.”

The Boss says to the brilliant, young CEO: “Let’s try this.”

“Honorable professionals dedicated to:




while challenging how business is done in the ____________________ industry and having some fun.”

Then The Boss says: “Once you’ve got that, then you can write up to two additional double spaced pages explaining it. Now go do it.”

An hour later, the brilliant, young CEO returns happy, happy, happy. It worked and the writer’s block was banished.

Don’t let writer’s block prevent you from getting your mission statement word smithed. Remember mission statements are part of the continuum of Vision, Mission, Strategy, Tactics, Objectives, Values and Culture. It is easy to do, if you will just do it.

Then you can go to the beach.

This beach is in Positano, so it may take you a bit of time to get there. So what? You deserve it.

Need some help, call The Boss at 512-656-1383 or email the old boy at [email protected] He’ll be there for you. Promise.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. No writer’s block for y’all! Be good to yourself. Be damn good, you deserve it.