May Day, Mayday, May Day

Big Red Car here.  Hope you are feeling Mother Nature’s love this morning.  MN is blessing the ATX with yet another beautiful day.

Stop procrastinating, move to the ATX.

The first of May is often referred to International Workers Day, a celebration which Socialists and Communists first adopted to celebrate the Haymarket Affair in Chicago.  Seems fitting, no?  The Chicago connection?

The Socialists and Communists — who are difficult to find these times — wanted to celebrate the triumph of labor over all other things.

The Russian Communists used it as an opportunity to glorify and celebrate the Soviet Union by conducting a signature parade through Red Square in front of a picture of Lenin and other famous Russian leaders, living and dead.  But only those with facial hair.

This year, after a couple of decades of neglect, Vladimir Putin has reinstituted the celebration once again.  Vlad, who is reported to have celebrated May Day in the Crimea (first acquired by Catharine the Great and now re-acquired by Vlad the Shirtless) by going shirtless and exposing those fetching tight little nipples of his, likes the idea of reconstituting the Soviet Union decrying its disintegration as the worst thing to have ever happened to Russia.  This is a fun fact to know.

This is an important occurrence which the West would be prudent to notice.  It takes a little time and trouble to put one of these parades on, so it must have been in the planning stages for some considerable time — before Vlad seized the Crimea?

It is like a debutante party and our Vlad is sending us a message.  New deb dress and all, Vlad is saying:  “We’re baaaaaack!”

In the Cold War, the US used to like to measure the vertical compression of the tires on the rocket floats to see whether the rockets contained real guts — they often did not.  The Russians were blowing smoke up our collective asses, not unlike today.

This guy would know exactly what to do.

Let’s heed this message, ya’ll!

May Day and Mayday.  Important but clear messages.  Know the differences and similarities.  One is a celebration and the other is a cry for help.  Both are relevant today.

But, hey what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.