Manchin In The Middle

Comes now our 50-50 US Senate with all ties decided by the President of the Senate, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

Structurally, the Senate is the “saucer” intended to cool the heat of the House’s passions.

This goes back to an anecdote in which George Washington was having coffee with a newly returned from France Thomas Jefferson.

TJ did not like the idea of a second chamber for legislation. As they enjoyed their coffee, George Washington asked Jefferson why he had poured his steaming hot coffee into his saucer to which TJ replied, “To cool it.” [Did you realize that is how saucers were used?]

Washington argued that was the function intended for the Senate, the place where impassioned House legislation goes to be “cooled” before becoming law.

This is one of the reasons why Senators are elected for six years whilst the House representatives are elected for two years. In this manner, the citizenry can replace the hot-headed House members every two years.

So what does this have to do with Senator Manchin, Big Red Car?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has taken great comfort that guys like Joe Manchin — self-described moderate Democrats — are the insurance policy to ensure that the craziest ideas of the Biden leftist policies are not enacted.

“Come on, man. I’m just Joe from West Virginia. If I say something you can take it to the bank. Would I lie to you? Other than on Keystone XL Pipeline?”

Senator Manchin has provided assurances such as indicating he is not a fan of packing the court or abolishing the cloture rule (the rule by which it requires 60 votes to cease discussion, to end debate on a bill, and put it up to a vote).

Is there a problem, Big Red Car?

Yes, there is dear reader. Let’s take a look at the issue of cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline, shall we?

Here is what happened:

 1. Senator Manchin, from West Virginia coal and oil country, said a great number of times that he opposed cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline — well before the election.

He represented to the Oil Patch citizens of West Virginia that he was a solid “NO” vote. Said it was in their interest and, goodness my, all he wanted to do was to protect the interest of his constituents, protect their jobs.

 2. On the Tuesday before the Thursday debate in the Senate on cancelling Keystone, Senator Manchin provided the same assurances he would not vote to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline.

 3. When a vote was taken on Thursday afternoon, Senator Joe Manchin voted AGAINST cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline.

That’s right, Joe Manchin kept his word. He voted against cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Cancellation was defeated 52-48 with Senator Tester from Montana and Senator Manchin being the only two Dems to oppose the cancellation of Keystone.

 4. In the middle of a dark Thursday night, an early Friday morning long before dawn, Senator Joe Manchin made himself a gargantuan, first class LIAR by voting to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline. WTF?

Yes, while Mitch McConnell believes that Senator Manchin is the bulwark to save the country from the craziest policies of the Biden admin, Joe Manchin says innumerable times that he is a “NO” vote for cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline — this is a pipe dream. [Get it? A pipe dream about a pipeline? Haha. OK, maybe not all that funny.]

The final vote went down 50 – 50 + 1 (VP) = 50 – 51 in favor of cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline — supported by Senator Joe Manchin.

This is the reality of the world in which we live. Reality. It is a 50 – 50 + 1 = 51 reality. Get used to it.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.