Let’s Cut the Crap About — the Military Capabilities of ISIS

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So The Boss is talking to a couple of his military buddies. Guys who served, as did The Boss, in elite military units and know which end of a rifle the bayonet goes on.

They have a very low opinion of the military prowess of ISIS.

The Modern Battlefield

The modern battle space is a combined arms battle space in which the infantry is still supported by the artillery, armor, air power, and intelligence. Terrain is still held by men with bayonets.

It is still a fundamental exercise in finding, fixing, and killing our enemies.

In the instance of ISIS, this is a very simple proposition.

We know where they are. This is the “finding” element.

We can cut them off and prevent them from maneuvering against our forces as they occupy land, terrain, cities, crossroads, and have financial infrastructure they must protect. This the caliphate that the Caliph has declared. Let’s disappear it for them. This is the “fixing” element.

Now, it is a simple matter of killing them.

Building a Winning Army

ISIS is not really an army. It is a rabble with guns.

They do not have a TOE (table of organization and equipment) which is able to project combat power in an organized and focused manner. They cannot run a big fight. They cannot replace combat personnel losses — soldiers, KIAs, WIAs — on the run. They cannot resupply units in contact. They are not an army; they are a rabble with guns.

The American Army (and the Marines) have two hundred years of development of leadership, company grade combat leaders with combat experience, combat experienced NCOs (non-commissioned officers), arms, doctrine, tactics, education, and intelligence.

We have a place called The War College. We send promising Captains and Majors to the Command & General Staff College. Our raw material, our finished product is better than any other military in the world. We should be using that advantage.

Our Army and Marines are professional, skillful, accomplished, trained, and as blood thirsty as we let them be.

We have a professional, deadly military capability and ISIS is 40,000 thugs with guns.

This would be the West Austin Youth Association ten and under football team v the Crimson Tide on a very good day. Roll Tide!

What would it take, Big Red Car?

Two American divisions (my personal favorites would be the 82nd Airborne Division and the First Cavalry Division) with appropriate support from the Air Force and the Navy. I would also throw in the First Marine Division who could do the job by themselves if we’d let them.

Paratroopers are used to fighting when surrounded.

The Cav is used to moving great distances and arriving unannounced. A great skill set for the battlefield in Syria and Iraq.

The Marines are the freakin’ Marines and they will engage and kill anything in front of them.

We have the right resources.

What it would take, dear reader, is a man in the White House who is capable of committing overwhelming force against ISIS and who is committed to eliminating these terrorists from the face of the earth.

A man who is willing to fight the social media war with a pyramid of skulls. A man who is willing to make the world safer through deeds and not words.

Unfortunately, right now, that is our weakness. We do not have a Commander in Chief who is willing to be a Commander in Chief.

We will, however, have a speech tonight and like all things, it will be infinitely better when he is done speechifying.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Here it is — ISIS continues to breathe only as long as President Obama lets them breathe. They would not make a month’s work for the units I have identified above.

Bottom line — until we act, they exist. When we act, they no longer exist.

This is exactly whey we have such a powerful military. Use it. Now.

Remember the vaunted Iraqi Republican Guard? Yeah, well nobody else does either because we wiped them out.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.



33 thoughts on “Let’s Cut the Crap About — the Military Capabilities of ISIS

  1. Since we are talking about what Obama will do, this just in:

    Obama will promise to deploy ‘every single aspect of American power’ against ISIS

    Jeff Mason, Reuters



    Okay, but that might cause climate change which as Obama knows is a much bigger problem.

    And for “every single aspect of American power”, does that include speeches, meetings, leaflets, spit balls, mud pies, and everything up to and even including smaller firecrackers?

    “Deploy”? Okay. Do anything? Nope.

    Hurt any Muslims? No way!

    Take the oil? Not a chance.

    Talk? Yes. Action? No.

    Do it, not do it, or just pretend to do it? Just pretend.

    Kick the can down the road and somehow stimulate a new series of headlines? Likely.

    Once the headlines are done? Stop and reverse anything he has done.

    At the end, the US DoD must certify to the POTUS “No Muslims were hurt in this deployment of every single aspect of American power.”

  2. US Military

    BRC, all you say about the US military is fully correct. And there’s more with surveillance from satellites, airplanes, drones, stealth airplanes, smart bombs, cruise missiles, drones with missiles, fantastic exploitations of Maxwell’s equations and encryption for high end radar, visible, and infrared, ground penetrating radar, and much, much more.

    US Losing

    But, sorry BRC, for the real goal, defeating ISIS, in practice, IMHO, the US military forces and tactics you described won’t work. It didn’t when W and Cheney tried them in Iraq and Afghanistan. And for similar reasons they won’t work against ISIS.

    Find the enemy? Mostly we can’t do that because the enemy soldiers look just like the civilians. Indeed, essentially all the males from 8 to 80 really are the enemy soldiers, and also are a lot of the females.

    ISIS has “40,000” soldiers? What the heck, that has to be the total male population 8-80 in the ISIS areas, and I would guess that the real number is much larger than that. E.g., Saddam had seven million men under arms. At one time Iraq had a population of, what, 35 million or some such? I’d have a tough time believing that the ISIS area population of 8-80 males was less than a few million. And ISIS regards 100% of them as soldiers.

    Can’t “fix” the ISIS soldiers because they will just blend into the civilian population.

    They won’t stand and fight. They won’t try to hold territory, at least not against us.

    But we will lose blood and treasure: ISIS will use exploding vests on suicide bombers, IEDs, car bombs, midnight murders, a few shots from a mortar from behind a building or sand dune and then cover up the mortar, run, and blend into the population, etc.

    Anyone who cooperates with us will find their family members and themselves inflicted with unspeakable medieval torture with their body parts hanging from light poles or fence posts in the morning.

    We can occupy the place, but we will suffer continuing deaths and casualties from IEDs, car bombs, etc.

    That occupation can continue for weeks, months, years as it did when W tried it, and, still, each day we will lose more in US blood and treasure from IEDs, car bombs, etc.

    Indeed, with high irony, we already showed the leadership of ISIS how we can destroy them: Schwarzkopf put them on their knees in a six week air campaign and got a surrender in a 100 hour ground campaign. Much of the current ISIS military leadership was in Saddam’s army when they got their lesson from Schwarzkopf.

    Indeed, there were reports that Saddam had some hundreds of thousands of his soldiers in the Iraqi desert not far from Saudi Arabia; some weeks or so after our victory some reporter asked Schwarzkopf where those solders were, and he said “They are still there.”.

    But, as we know, Saddam didn’t take the lesson to heart. Clinton tried a no fly zone, and that was a long time wasting money pissing to windward. W tried an occupation, and that was thousands of US deaths, tens of thousands of US casualties, $2+ trillion or so in US treasure, maybe $3 trillion in net present value, and 10+ years to the present with the situation worse now than when W went in. Bummer. Our military and all of the US lost, big time. We were beaten “like a rented mule”, like the junior high Tigers against the New England Patriots, like the “JV”.

    BRC, trying such things again, seeing the costs in US blood, treasure, and time, the US voters will bring the troops home, and ISIS will be able to continue as at present. That is, we will lose, again.

    US Winning

    But there is a way to win: Do what we often did in WWII and what ISIS does: Accept, indeed, inflict, civilian casualties.

    Indeed, that is the one and main issue — be willing to inflict civilian casualties on ISIS.

    With these preliminaries, NOW the US can win, without spilling even a single drop of US blood unless some soldier cuts his finger opening a can of beans or a brewski, for rock bottom cost right down to the last ten cents, and quickly, eight weeks, six weeks, two weeks, two days, an afternoon? In a few milliseconds if we really want.

    How? For the millisecond option, nuke the place — turn all the ISIS areas into a glass lined parking lot that glows in the dark with not even scorpions alive.

    ISIS has already threatened the US with nukes. So, with that and after Paris, nuke’em — okay by me.

    But, really, that option would be unpopular, and I don’t recommend it.

    Basic Fact: ISIS is made of totally devoted radical Muslims who want to destroy everyone else and are fully eager to die trying. So, we shouldn’t care more about their rotten lives more than they do. They want to die, and we can, should, and must help them.

    Believe me, trust me on this one: It’s much, much better that we are so able so easily to send them all on their magic carpet rides to Allah and their 72 virgins. If we were a lot like them, then we’d be in deep, sticky, smelly stuff.

    We must just NOT let them hurt us. That’s just the way it is.

    We have to do Darwin’s work on these suicidal losers. They have made their decisions and, thus, just do NOT count as human.

    First, a fact: We need a goal. Right, “defeat ISIS”. But, we need to be more clear: We don’t want a cease fire, a peace treaty, an unconditional surrender, a surrender, an end to the killing, a new government, etc. None of those will work; they won’t stop ISIS. Instead, ISIS is like a bad bacterial infection — have to kill all of it or it will just come back. There is no more reason to want a treaty with ISIS than with some really dangerous bacteria. Sorry ’bout that.

    It’s just reality; that reality is from ISIS; I’m just observing it. We tried to bring them civilization, and it didn’t work. It can’t work: They have the civilization they want and don’t know enough about anything else to consider anything else. They are the top of the list candidates for the world’s largest group Darwin award.

    Next, we need a “rule of engagement”: During the fight, except for some intelligence and/or covert operations, we don’t set foot in any of the ISIS areas. We don’t touch the ground. Literally.

    No joke: We want to win this one without spilling even a single drop of US blood. Literally. That medieval oily toilet is not worth even a micro gram of US blood.

    Finally, before the basic steps toward victory, we drop leaflets advising all women and children to move ASAP to the Baghdad government. I doubt that the Baghdad government will take them.

    Then, here are the basic steps:

    (1) Leadership. Use all available means of intelligence to find the leadership and, then, kill them from the air.

    (2) To cut off much of their funding, destroy the oil infrastructure from the air.

    (3) For all the larger buildings, all of them, destroy them from the air. Level the place.

    (4) They have some underground facilities. So, use intelligence and ground penetrating radar to find those facilities and destroy them.

    (5) For any vehicles from a bicycle and larger, destroy them from the air.

    (6) Net, reduce the place to tents, flocks, and camels, and then destroy those.

    (7) Anything left, destroy it.

    Then, and only then, step foot in the place. Occupy it. Then, BRC, can use the troops you describe. Turn the whole place into a US possession. Take the oil.

    Any natives we find, kill them; They are radical Islamic terrorists, suicidal, out to kill everyone else and especially the US, so just kill them first.

    W tried really hard to give them a modern civilization, and they very much didn’t want it. Instead, they want their medieval horror show. There’s no way to get them to change their minds. So, we have to kill them before they hurt us again. Kill them. All of them. Dead.

    The only good radical Muslim is a dead radical Muslim. Sorry to be so crude, but that is just exactly the way it is and the attitude we have to take. Else we can be hurt by a bunch of medieval wackos. They might even get a nuke and use it on us.

    I’m sorry about all of that, but ISIS is just determined to bring all this onto themselves. I have a plausible explanation for just why ISIS is this way, but the explanation doesn’t matter — doesn’t change what we have to do. We just have to defend ourselves. Like really dangerous bacteria, we have to kill them all.

    And we do it from the air. Then we occupy the place, declare it a US territory, take the oil, and keep any radical Muslims OUT of there — permanently. If the oil is gone and we are ready to leave, then we leave the place uninhabitable. We “wipe the desert clean”.

    • .
      There is much food for thought, as usual, in what you write. I do want to object to one specific point — it is easy as hell do identify and isolate ISIS from the civilian population.

      Unlike the VC in Viet Nam, the ISIS folks are not from that region. They are interlopers like the NVA was in the south.

      They are absurdly easy to spot and identify. Even by dialect. Once you get one, skillful interrogation gets you the rest. It is not a difficult proposition.

      You are conflating the war and the peace. The US did just fine on the war. It was the peace that tripped us up. My comments are limited to destroying ISIS, let the UN figure out the peace for once.


    • “Finally, before the basic steps toward victory, we drop leaflets advising all women and children to move ASAP to the Baghdad government. I doubt that the Baghdad government will take them.”

      So youre both expecting and encouraging the slaughtering of countless women and children ?.

      Youre a helluva guy there Ace.

      • For my proposal, I very much do NOT like it.

        But nearly all those women and soon over half of those children will be eager to die trying to kill any infidels they can, including you, me, BRC, and 300+ million more in the US. And they will have access to many millions of dollars to buy a nuke, get into the bottom of a ship, get that ship into NYC harbor, and blow it up. Just as soon as they can. Indeed, ISIS has already threatened the US with nuke. “Nuke” — for me, they said the wrong word.

        They are 100% not joking at all.

        They want very, very much to kill us, all of us, and will be just thrilled to die doing it or even just trying to do it.

        At one time Western Civilization was in the medieval times, and since then we have come a very long way. We care very much about the dignity of human life, if only because, if we are in a civilization where human life has not dignity, then we have no safety. That dignity of human life is part of your safety and that of me, BRC, etc.

        BUT ISIS is still back in the medieval years where they commit suicide blowing themselves up to kill infidels, chop off heads, crucify people, put them in steel cages and drown them, kill everyone they can not a Sunni devoted to ISIS except girls that they make into sex slaves.

        If they could get to you, then they would turn you into a Sunni devoted to ISIS, a sex slave, a suicide bomber, or just regard you as an infidel that they would subject to unspeakably cruel, barbaric, medieval torture and the next day leave your body parts hanging from fence posts, lamp posts, etc. to be picked over by any insects, vultures, etc. No joke at all. None. That culture is about all they know and all they are ready to consider. And there is no reasonably feasible way at all to change their minds. None. Zip, zilch, and zero. I can explain some of where that culture came from, but the explanation would not change any facts or anything else.

        We have a right to defend ourselves, and I proposed that we do so. My proposal will solve the problem but is about the minimum that would do so. Sorry ’bout that. My proposal is like theirs except we kill all of them much faster than they could kill all of us. And they die quickly.

        Did I mention we have a right to defend ourselves?

        BRC claims that ISIS has only 40,000 or so soldiers and that, if we invade, we can find those soldiers and, then, kill them.

        It appears that BRC and I differ on this point: My understanding of ISIS is that it is made up of their leader, that Baghdadi guy, some of Saddam’s former officers, and essentially all the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria. Everyone in the ISIS area not a Sunni devoted to ISIS they have killed or turned into a sex slave.

        Here is were BRC and I differ: My understanding is that ISIS regards every male 8-80, maybe 6-90, and whatever fraction of the women they find useful, as an ISIS soldier. That would be about half the population of the ISIS area regarded as devoted soldiers. As far as I can see, that stands to be some millions of soldiers and about the same number of women and children not yet soldiers. So, the soldiers are essentially just all the male population, and, thus, we have no way to separate them from the civilians.

        One of the most powerful things ISIS has going for them is that we very much do not want to inflict civilian casualties and they very much do.

        We’re not totally against killing civilians: E.g., in WWII we fire bombed large cities in Germany and Japan. In Japan, we killed many times more people with fire bombs than with the two nukes we used. In Germany, we created fire storms, never seen before and a surprise, and horrific. Such a storm raises the street temperature high enough to ignite essentially everything that will burn, e.g., human hair, skin, flesh, fat, and bone, especially the fat. And that’s what happened. But we were not the first — by then both Japan and Germany had killed plenty of civilians themselves. With the B-29 in the Pacific and the B-17 in Europe, we just did such killing much, much more effectively. It’s called war. Net, to win a war, kill the other side, as many and as fast as possible, before they can kill you. Use a lot of math, physics, chemistry, engineering, technology, well trained, brave soldiers, etc. and do a really good job.

        There is no joke — we are at war with ISIS. It was their choice. It was Japan’s choice to attack Pearl Harbor and start a war with the US. Then it was Germany’s choice to declare war on the US. Then it was the US’s choice to kill enough Japanese and Germans to win the war.

        One good thing about both Japan and Germany, once they lost and admitted they had lost, they were both very much 20th century countries with a LOT of social discipline. When they signed a peace treaty, they really meant it.

        ISIS? They are different. They are maybe as far along as a 12th century country. Except for what they can buy with their oil, they are a medieval country. Medieval. Did I mention medieval? I want to be clear on this — they are medieval. And they are not subject to significant change — which we know in rock solid terms if only because of the $2+ trillion W spent learning this lesson.

        If we got ISIS to surrender, sign a peace treaty, and promise to behave,
        then they would just keep fighting, with whatever they have or could
        buy — exploding vests, AK-47s, mortars, IEDs, car bombs, poison gas
        bombs, etc. and, of course, any nukes they can get. That’s just what
        they are doing now without provocation and just what they will do.
        Treaties, signatures, meetings, agreements are all just irrelevant. And
        they will keep up their fighting to the last devoted person in the ISIS
        area and any of their people they can get into France, Germany,
        England, …, and the US.

        They want to kill us, all of us, as
        soon as they can. That’s not some fear of mine and, instead, is their
        clearly stated goal strongly supported by their actions.

        Did I mention we have a right to defend ourselves?

        That they are devoted to killing us is their choice. That they are eager to die trying is also their choice. Our right and choice is to defend ourselves. To do that, we just kill them before they can kill us. Conceptually just dirt simple.

        Our good fortune is that we are quite capable of destroying and killing everything and everyone in the ISIS area just from the air quite, don’t even set foot in the place, quickly with likely the loss of not a single drop of US blood. We didn’t set foot on the main island of Japan, at least not very often and never by choice until the unconditional surrender.

        For the ISIS area, we “wipe the desert clean” — of all people, oil infrastructure, buildings, vehicles, other equipment, tents, flocks, camels, people, etc.

        Then we invade, take the area as a US possession, keep the oil, stay until the oil and anything else of value, if there is anything else, is gone, arrange that that land is useless for millennia, and leave.

        Basically you are so reluctant to kill them that you want us to let them keep killing us, including possibly with a nuke. No thanks. They are the enemy, one totally devoted to killing us, and we need to use our good fortune to kill them, first. And, with their ideology, to stop them from killing us, we have to kill all of them. All of them.

        That’s not what I want, but that’s the choice they have made and forced on us.

        A few hours ago I got e-mail from the university where I got my Ph.D. A student from there, PBK, was one of the 14 killed in San Bernardino. It could just as well been you, me, or BRC.

        You want to let the killing continue, hoping for some miracle to fall out of the sky while we wait for a nuke in a US port, and I want to us defend ourselves NOW.

        You are worried about civilian casualties, theirs, and they are not worried about civilian casualties, ours or theirs.

        “Wipe the desert clean”. Can’t leave a few dangerous bacteria in an infection, a few cockroaches in the kitchen, a few mice in the basement, or a few fleas on the cat. Instead, have to kill all of them. Same for ISIS. It’s us or them, and we very much can kill all of them. Let’s get on with it.

        And, let’s get some good video, put it on the Internet, and let other suicidal Muslims check if they really want to mess with us.

        Look, they are medieval and have no conception of our military power. They might guess that we have bombs, too, and take comfort in that. Nope: What we have for killing them is totally beyond their imagination. Yes, after killing a few million people in the ISIS area, ISIS might start to get some education. But, we can’t stop because all they have is their medieval culture which, if there is just one of them left, then they will continue trying to kill us.

        It goes way back, was hundreds of year old 100 years ago with “As long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, they will be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel.” No doubt when one tribe won against another tribe, the winner was basically like ISIS is now. There are now two big differences: First, the area is no longer just a few isolated tribes where if one tribe wiped out another one no one outside noticed or cared. Second, now they have what they can buy with their oil money. Otherwise, they are just the same. The starting date was not when the US left Iraq. Instead the starting date was hundreds of years old 100 years ago. It’s gotta end. Maybe that culture, say, fighting tribe against tribe, with one tribe totally killing off the other except making sex slaves out of the girls, over astoundingly meager water sources, was Darwin’s way then. Well, it won’t work now — we have to wipe the desert clean.

        That culture continues: A year or so ago, some guy in Yemen married a girl of 7 or so, and on their wedding night was so rough on her that he ruptured her uterus, and she bled to death. No doubt he was just doing what his culture said he should do, just what was long done when one tribe defeated another and took the girls as sex slaves. In ISIS now, a sex slave goes for about $10.

        Why the big difference? Well, part of the culture was to keep all the females pregnant, send the young men out to fight the next tribe, likely over water or pasture, that is, over territory, where there were thousands of square miles of just nothing, and good territory was crucial but scarce, and keep the excess females in harems.

        Well, they are still keeping their females pregnant, but now they have a huge excess of men with nothing, just nothing, nothing at all, they can do except work with tents, flocks, and camels and receive oil revenue. So, the men are still ready to die killing off everyone else they can get to, as if they were seeking crucial, scarce water and pasture. They are just that dumb. They really are. Again, it’s all they know; there is no way they will reinvent Western Civilization or anything not hundreds of years out of date, and the men have no ideas what the heck else to do.

        To be clear, they likely are bright: The dumb genes died out from the severe challenges of living in the desert. But they are not nearly bright enough, no one ever has been, to move their culture ahead hundreds of years quickly, especially from a desert region. E.g., historically they were desperately short on water, farmland, wood, grains, cows, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, hogs, fish, metals, coal, etc. Their land is so poor they had to be nomadic which is a severe constraint on what progress they could make in anything toward civilization. For the culture they do have, it’s 99 44/100% just Islam — it runs everything. It’s all they have, all they know, and they are very slow to see more.

        Now, the Arabs still don’t do much: Others come in and develop the oil, sell it, and put most of the money in banks for the Arabs. The Arabs spend the money on imported goods, etc. For buildings, car repair, roads, etc., they have British, etc. project managers and engineers and Filipino, etc., guest worker labor. Without the oil, all they are qualified for are tents, flocks, and camels.

        That cultural history might explain ISIS and, thus, make the reality of what they are doing easier to understand as real but does not change what we have to do — defend ourselves by wiping the desert clean.

          • .
            Ms. Adelante, the Big Red Car is going to have to scold you a bit.

            You may not cast aspersions or ad hominem attacks as you, arguably, have.

            You should say, “Perhaps, you are psychotic? What do you think?”

            Behave yourself, please. We are quite civilized here at the Big Red Car.

            And, have a nice damn day, ya hear?


          • .
            Ms. Adelante, you are speaking to a car. Consider what that suggests about you. You are carrying on a conversation with a car which thinks it can ponder, muse, write, and speak while questioning its mental health.

            Get a mirror and see who is in the mirror. Focus on that person. Perhaps?

            You also forgot the “perhaps.”

            The Big Red Car thinks there is a very high probability that it is delusional. Psychotic, no evidence that I am aware of.

            Bottom line: Delusional? Yes, possibly. Psychotic? Not likely. No evidence.

            And, have a nice damn day, please.


          • .
            Ms. Adelante, we shall have to quibble a bit. Psychotic connotes a much higher level of concern than just a splash of delusion. Delusion is fleeting while psychotic behavior is deeply grounded and substantially more far reaching. Troubling.

            Again, YOU are the one talking to a car, no? Let’s not forget that.

            In addition, you are engaging in behavior which constitutes a micro-aggression — new and evolving concept, don’t we all know? Still, micro-aggression all over your words. Ugly, really.

            I would retreat to my safe zone but I have to run some heavy duty errands and can’t be lounging about.

            And, have a nice damn day, please. Don’t make me have to block you cause I can get really ugly when I need to. They don’t call me a “muscle car” for nothing, chica!

            Ooops, sorry. Bit out of bounds.


          • There is that.

            But you came to me thru Disqus and my email.

            You people just drone on and on and on taking RWNJ trolling to new levels of “must have the last word” idiocy..

          • .
            Chica, nobody has “come to you.” Get over yourself.

            You have come to MY website. Nobody knows or cares who you are — that’s the nice thing about the anonymity of the Internet. It is impersonal and anonymous, no?

            The Big Red Car not only gets the last word; the BRC gets the first word and most of the words.

            That’s how a blog works, chica. Deal with it.

            This is my real estate and you are the interloper, chica. You are always welcome but you must learn to behave.


          • on and on and on and on.

            cant stop can ya jethro?

            Are you applying for the job of being my puppet?

            (puppet zombie to be exact)

            i do have an opening if interested.

            id suggest against it, its a painful process for you egotistical, nutjob blowhards, but you dont seem able to stop any other way.

          • hey pendejo, sorry to burst your sexist, misogynistic, rapey bubble, but im all man.

            but if you wont go away, Im happy to take you on as my latest zombie puppet.

            it will go pretty much like this has….i ignore all of your bullying blatherings and dont read your comments at all, you see its really all about your psychotic need to browbeat and dominate.

            but of course you will read every word i write to you.

            this is what we call “Puppet training”.

            and its the 1st rule of puppet training.

            if youre not interested, just go away, that would be the wise choice, but i dont think that is possible for you, now is it?

            if you want my training, which though painful, may help you to confront your own “issues”, just keep blathering on.

            i wont read it – but im sure it impresses you.

          • Oh look a twofer!

            Youre so revved up with your need to bully youve responded twice to the same comment!}

            I bet you were VERY forceful jethro, too bad I didnt read it!


            Now I know you must be very disappointed that you didnt have an actual girl here to abuse, insult and intimidate, but now youve got me Jethro and trust me on this, you are gonna do some BEAUTIFUL dancing for me!



  3. One thing that ISIS has is ideology. It must also be crushed. In the Revolutionary War we fought and won, our ideas trumped the ideas of the British. Our ideas gave our army the right bearing. Our Commander and Chief doesn’t believe in the core ideas that made America. It’s hard to fight when you aren’t willing to press your idealogical advantage. ISIS has ideas that make it possible for them to recruit and radicalize. We must make that impossible. Agree that we need to kill the bad guys-but we need to make their way of thought, and the way they frame things obsolete too. Western civilization embraces life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those ideas are stickier and sustainable compared to the way ISIS views the world.

    • .
      Agreeing with you more than you do with yourself. It is a White House problem and it is very simple. Ours is the winning value proposition and theirs leads to the grave.

      The recruitment of ISIS is way overblown.

      There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.
      There are 0.8 billion men.
      There are 200 million men in the right demographic slice.

      ISIS has recruited about 40,000 actives and 20,000 now dead.

      The market penetration is not very high. It is not an investable strategy. It is a strategy for losers and one we can stomp out if we get our boots on now. Now.

      What is troubling is the metastasizing of the cancer to other countries including our own.

      If we destroy the leadership, the headquarters, the training camps — then, they cannot grow the cancer.

      It is not noble. It is fundamental pest control. Left alone, they will multiply like cockroaches. They will infest the world.


  4. In other words, as Brother Dave Garner once said, “the Mississippi National Guard could take ’em on a flatbed wagon in thirty minutes.”

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