Kissinger, the Wiseman

Big Red Car here.  Nice day in the ATX.  Lousy day in the Ukraine made a bit lousier by the inability to deal with Vladimir Putin — the Russian Bear.

Charlie Rose had an interesting interview with several former US Secretaries of State including Henry Kissinger.

Here is a snippet from that interview.  You will find this interview interesting.  This is like eavesdropping on creation of the world.


Kissinger will be remembered as a player on the world’s stage who famously pried Egypt from the clutches of the Russian Bear at the conclusion of the 1973 war in which Ariel Sharon had trapped the Egyptians up against the Suez Canal.  Russia threatened intervention.  Kissinger talked them down off the ledge and stole their client state in the process.

What ensued was a relatively peaceful border and trade relationship between Israel and Egypt for almost 40 years.  We managed to screw this up when President Obama signaled that he had no problems with the Muslim Brotherhood’s ascension to power in Egypt.  That lead to a mess when they revealed their true colors — Hell, they had provided Hitler with two divisions in World War II who ironically fought against the Russians on the Eastern Front.

History is a bitch.  Study history, please.

Practical wisdom

Kissinger had some very interesting things to say about the current standoff — polite word for bitch smacking delivered by the Russian Bear to our weakling and inexperienced President.

Kissinger said he always counseled against world leaders negotiating directly as it was a clash of massive egos and carried the danger that positions were taken that could not thereafter be gracefully modified.  His comments were particularly apropos the current dialogue in which President Obama calls Vladimir Putin and Putin tells him NO, NO, NO about everything.

You will recall that the future of the US-Russian relationship was famously “reset” by none other than Hillary Clinton and her Russian counterpart with a great big red button.  That worked out well, no?

Listen to this interview and see what you think.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.


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      I think this is just another aspect of Reagan’s genius. Remember he had Russian premiers dropping like flies — think he had four during his Presidency.

      His direct written exchanges with Gorbachev — grandfather to grandfather — were originally “vetted” by State. They were aghast. He rejected almost all of their proposed changes and sent them as he had originally written them.

      Boom! Down comes the Berlin Wall! Few years later, down comes Communism and the USSR.

      All Ronald Reagan’s genuine beliefs, character, communication skills. Funny that an actor was such a genuine communicator.

      Reagan had been well prepared to be President of the USA — two term California governor, President of SAG, toured the country on Westinghouse’s nickel, had written extensively about his personal governing philosophy, was unawed by power or wealth, starred in Brother Rat (movie about VMI).

      Compare that to our current Community Organizer — a naif, a poseur, a fakir. A man without a past and a man wrecking our future.

      I miss Ronald Reagan.


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