Is The Donald Running for President or CEO of the United States?

Big Red Car here in the ATX watching the phenomenon called The Donald.

It is getting a little stale but nobody has been able to bring the fellow down and a lot of folks have tried. He has provided his opponents with lots of ammunition and he has re-supplied them regularly.

Between now and the next debate, the herd is going to thin a bit.

Likely casualties? Rand, Lindsey, Gilmore, Perry, Huck, Pataki (already gone, right?), New Jersey Slim or Fats, Santorum, Jindal.

Still standing: Trump, Carson, Cruz, Bush (energy deficit sayeth TD), Carly, Rubio, Kasich.

Far ahead? The Donald

Wild card? Kasich

Biggest disappointment? Jeb Bush, the anointed one, the country club Republican guy, and the guy with the big war chest. [The first guy ever in the history of politics to be called a “low energy” guy.]

Hey, where is Walker? Huh?

Why Big Red Car, why?

The Big Red Car thinks he now knows why The Donald is being received so well.

Here it is — The Donald is NOT running for President. The Donald is running for Chief Operating Officer of the United States of America.

CEO of the United States.

Can the government run like a business? Should it?

The Big Red Car is not even willing to suggest that the government should run like a business, so don’t shoot the messenger but one thing is clear — the government is not very good at almost everything it touches or attempts to do. No big revelation, right?

Under capitalism, on the other hand, you can’t survive if you don’t please your customers and get their votes by having them buy your goods, services, products.

The Donald is keeping score with a different yardstick — success. The Donald is also, reportedly, a capitalist.

Case in point is the anecdote of Woolman Skating Rink. Read about it here. Click on it and read it.

Wollman Skating Rink Saga and The Donald


The Donald is a guy who gets stuff done and he doesn’t care about PC (political correctness), the media (clowns), his Republic opponents (losers), his Democratic opponents (criminals). He cares about getting shit done.

Government, on the other hand, doesn’t care about getting shit done. It just wants to collect your taxes and pretend to redistribute them (something they also aren’t really good at doing) and spend it on stupid shit while running up a deficit that nobody even remembers about.

Why The Donald?

Let me be clear — the Big Red Car is not endorsing or, otherwise, publicly supporting The Donald. That day may come or it may not. Not the issue here today.

The Big Red Car is helping you find the truth and the truth may be — The Donald is not running for President of the United States. The Donald may be running for CEO of the United States.

As CEO, The Donald intends to make shit work. To make America great again.

Did you know? The Donald is also rich and doesn’t have to solicit donations and OPM (other people’s money) and is, therefore, not beholden to anybody. Ever.

Plus he’s rich and his current wife — all of his current and former wives — is hot. [And the current version has given The Donald a baby. You have to love a baby, right? What politician doesn’t like kissing a terrific baby? And the Trump baby? You know it’s terrific, right? Advantage Trump.]

Could be, no?

The Donald and State Dinners

The Donald said something very funny the other day — no more state dinners under a Trump regime. Read this article. The Chinese get a Big Mac, not even a freakin’ cheeseburger.

Give That Chinese Son of a Bitch a Big Mac

You think America doesn’t like that?

America is suffering. The White House is throwing lavish state dinners for people who hate us and The Donald says give those sons of bitches a freakin’ Big Mac.

You wonder why America loves this guy?

Here’s why — he’s going to make shit work, he wants to be the CEO so he can make shit work, he’s going to make America great again, he doesn’t take shit from anybody, he’s going to feed the Chinese Big Macs, he has his own built-in baby, he has a great wife (terrific wife), and what else?

Seems like I’m forgetting something?

Oh, yeah, he’s rich.

But, hey, I could be wrong, right? What the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Today, have your own state dinner. Take the family to McDonald’s and say, “I want to eat like a freakin’ head of state. Give me a Big Mac!”






5 thoughts on “Is The Donald Running for President or CEO of the United States?

  1. I agree with BRC: One of the sales pitches The Donald (TD) is using is making government get shit done, high quality, working well, ahead of schedule, under budget, e.g., the Wollman Skating Rink but definitely not the first ObamaCare Web site.

    Some of TD’s other pitches are on immigration, taxes, health care, the military, foreign trade — and there are more.

    Newsie opinion writers were saying that TD had no details, and then he released his paper on immigration. So, maybe TD deliberately suckered the newsies. But now forever he has a way to criticize the newsies because he can claim that the opinion newsies claimed that he had no details but soon did, carefully done, no doubt in the works before the newsies claims.

    And, even with the immigration paper, some opinion newsies still struggled to criticize. E.g., at

    there is

    Noah Rothman, “Donald Trump is making fools of his fans,” Commentary Magazine, August 27, 2015,

    where the author claims that TD’s immigration plan

    would be facilitated only over the course of decades, cost hundreds of billions of dollars, house-to-house searches, enhanced policing powers, and the rustling up of even the citizen children of illegal immigrants and shuttling them onto buses, their destination unknown.

    Nope, just read the plan and notice just one word there, eVerify. Sooooo, illegals won’t be able to earn money and will have to go home. Maybe we will give them bus tickets to the border. Likely eVerify will use the Internet and will need a database, one that now in principle will fit on a smartphone; eVerify is entirely feasible.

    Looks like the author Noah Rothman didn’t read the plan and, instead, just quoted from others who could think only of

    … decades, … hundreds of billions of dollars, house-to-house searches, enhanced policing powers, …

    So, bingo, presto, with just one word, eVerify, save decades, billions, police state powers (that could be used for an unlimited list of political correctness, conformity, intimidation, violations of the Constitution, tyranny), etc.

    Apparently a big plurality, currently ballpark 30%, of Republicans like TD the best of the Republican herd.



    Nate Silver, “Donald Trump Is Running A Perpetual Attention Machine”, FiveThirtyEight, August 26, 2015.

    Apparently TD has been able to keep that “machine” going: E.g., from this past week at


    Mark Hensch, “Trump: I’m winning because Americans are ‘tired of being the patsies'”, The Hill, August 29, 2015.

    with in part

    “People in this country are smart”

    “We’re tired of being the patsies for everyone”

    So, he calls the people “smart” to flatter them and then tells them about “being the patsies”. Claiming “patsies” without first saying “smart” might insult the audience. By saying “smart” and “patsies” he has the people thinking since I’m smart, I can see that I’ve been played for a patsy, don’t like it, don’t want to take it anymore, and want to support TD.

    TD sounds like a good salesman.

    And, with his “machine” TD is getting a lot of media attention for free, that is, without paying to run ads. Smart.

    Think that between now and the general election TD can come up with more attention machine input such as “patsies”?

    First I saw of the baby picture. Really nice picture! Maybe he should make that more prominent. So, it makes him look successful, viral, and a family man, and those are some big contrasts with the other candidates.

    And the baby is sleeping calmly and doesn’t look hungry. Good grief: How could that baby possibly be hungry?

    But apparently TD does face a challenge in traditional political endorsements: E.g., at


    Aaron Bycoffe, “The Endorsement Primary,” FiveThirtyEight, August 28, 2015.

    with some surprisingly good analysis. So, from this article, apparently in traditional presidential politics an important part of the work is to get all the politicians around, city, county, state, national, to give endorsements. One explanation is that these endorsements now are a substitute for what used to go on with the political deal making at the party national conventions.

    So, with these traditional endorsements, if take them seriously, it would appear that currently Jeb and Hillary have their party nominations all but certain.

    From the article, apparently so far TD has no such endorsements. Just what this might mean in the Republican primaries or the general election seems open to consideration.

    So, maybe the politicians who give the endorsements are much the same as the ones who help on election day to get out the vote, e.g., give away cell phones (“ObamaPhone”), make use of “walking around money,” give rides to the polling places, make sure supporters vote early and vote often, etc.

    And, since Jeb and Hillary have done so well on those traditional endorsements so early, it appears that their campaigns are based not on policy positions but just on political deal making and favor swapping.

    To win, TD may have to get some experts in the art of a good political ground game, have a good team ready to collect evidence and file suits over vote fraud, etc.

    Hmm, maybe if Jeb would just go on an extended vacation and make sure never to say anything in public, then he would have a decent shot at winning the nomination! That is, Jeb need be no more than an empty head and suit — e.g., have no real opinions at all on his brother’s invasion of Iraq — and just act as a consensus point from deal making.

    Problem is, sometimes we actually need a competent POTUS.

    The analysis in the Bycoffe piece is in strong contrast with the mainstream media (MSM): From just the MSM, get the mushroom treatment, i.e., get kept in the dark and fed BS.

    For more along these lines, can begin to understand why each election season the Republicans trot out their favorite issues, pro-life, simple flat tax, etc. knowing full well that there is no hope of any real action on those issues. So, the Republicans just use those issues as a case of misdirection, that is, sucker people into paying attention to those absurd issues while the real issues are negotiated in private deal making.

    So, again, with the Bycoffe piece, apparently, now, with the Internet, in the US there is an audience for more than BS in the dark.

    Hmm, …, so that’s why taxes keep going up and government can’t get anything done for the general welfare: The deal makers often want just to feed at the public trough, e.g., Solindra, shut down the coal plants to give wind and solar and electric power at $0.50 per KWh a bigger chance, and, to supply the trough, raise taxes. So, it’s organized theft and shakedowns of the political outsiders by the political insiders.

    Super good that TD “doesn’t need the money”.

    Again, problem is, sometimes we actually need a competent POTUS.

    Uh, my startup might work. Hmm …, in the baby picture, does she have a sister?

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