Internal Revenue Criminal Enterprise

Big Red Car here and I don’t want to get audited by the IRS.  The IRS scares the crap out of the Big Red Car and the Big Red Car is not afraid of too damn much.

But, here goes — the IRS is a criminal enterprise. and should be punished and disbanded.   OK, I said it and now I am going to tell you why.


The indictment of the IRS should read as follows:

1.  It has become a political pawn — no let’s make that a political antagonist — for the Democratic Party.  It is a partisan political arm of the Democratic Party.

2.  The IRS cannot tell the truth and when caught lying does not discipline itself.  Remember those two low level dweebs from Cincinnati?  Well that explanation which came from the IRS itself, is no longer “operable”.

3.  The IRS targets political opponents of the Democrat Party for abuse and impedes their legitimate attempts at fair and equitable administration of their requests while offering aid and succor and expedited administration to its supporters.  This is a criminal abuse of power.

4.  The IRS steals the time, energy, money and mojo from our citizens whose particular business before the Service does not garner the political support of the workers themselves.  The lunatics are running the asylum.  This is an enormous abuse of raw power.  This gives rise to criminal damages which are simply theft.

5.  The IRS is out of control.  Hell, even the President of the United States admits he does not know what is going on over there.  The Commissioner is conspiring with the staff to present bogus explanations of their illegitimate actions.

6.  The IRS senior management has invoked their Fifth Amendment protection from offering incriminating testimony as to their actions.  The Big Red Car does not in any way suggest that they should not have invoked their privilege but the inference is a fair inference.  They have engaged in conduct that is arguably criminal.

7.  The IRS is an abuse of the public purse having mismanaged their credit cards, spent gobs of money on light and intransigent things and squandered resources entrusted to their care.  All of these bad acts have wasted the taxpayers’ money and have been egregious when viewed with the appropriate spending policies as one’s yardstick.  These are not just bad acts, they are criminal acts.  They are tantamount to theft of taxpayer money, to embezzlement and squandering the embezzled funds on horrific expenditures including pornography.  This is not a close call.  This is a crime.

Criminal organizations

Criminal organizations, like the Mafia and IRS, can only be effectively dealt with by forced disbanding of the enterprise itself.  They cannot rehabilitate themselves.  Even Lindsay Lohan knows this.

There is no other effective means of protecting the public.  The public is entitled to protection from organized, government sponsored criminal behavior.

If you are a criminal enterprise, you cannot be involved in the olive oil business or collecting taxes.  You must be disbanded.

Call to action

It is time to invoke any and all actions that will effectively eliminate the IRS as an arm of our government.

The IRS must be disbanded and thus we will have to develop a streamlined, simple tax collection system which does not require the development of a criminal enterprise to run it.

Join the Big Red Car in saying — it is time to disband the IRS and to streamline tax collection in the United States.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know really?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Let me know what YOU think, Old Sport.


6 thoughts on “Internal Revenue Criminal Enterprise

  1. Jeffrey, you are RIGHT!!! A federal transaction tax. The tax should be extremely small say a quarter of one percent. It should be based on a total monthly transactions. I don’t have that much money to spend so my monthly transaction tax would be around $12. This even includes my credit card payments. BUT a rich corporation like GE would pay millions yet that would only represent a drop in the bucket for them. Right now the Federal Government has about 13 trillion in income to tax, but with a Federal Transaction Tax they have over a quadrillion dollars of transactions in one year. Even at a quarter of a percent we are looking at 5 to 7 trillion dollars coming into the government, as compared to the 1.5 to 2.5 trillion that the IRS brings in.

  2. I personally don’t read too much into the political aspects of what is going on. Those in power tend to use that power to further their agenda. Sometimes they color outside the lines, and its completely wrong but give a man power and he will tend to use it. I’m more than sure when another party is in power, they do the same crap. Its just really a power that the Government shouldn’t have, lets just take it away.

    I for one think this power should have never been created in the first place. Even if you could argue for its utility in the past, in this day and age we can automate and simplify things. I for one would rather pay a percentage of all my transactions (business to business and consumer) and have it just built into the systems to take the taxes. Just like when you go to the store, you pay Caesar what Caesar is due immediately and without a second thought. You can’t screw it up either, it just happens by design. This would also get rid of the need for prison and punishment for tax infractions. I also think it could actually be a good thing in regards to the market as well, if you put a small transaction cost on trading, things like high frequency trading no longer make sense and money changers have less incentive to hire our country’s best and brightest to work on extracting value from others, and we will go back to a more sane world where scientists and engineers actually build stuff. But I guess that would only make too much sense. We have become a society that puts tons of its citizens in prison (without Mens Rhea in many cases) and is focused on taking moving money around and not creating value. Getting rid of the IRS and reforming Tax policy would be a great first step towards changing that and making us into a nation of builders again.

    • .
      I suspect that the fate of the IRS will get some real scrutiny both from the perspective of their criminal behavior and the policy issues.

      Your approach is infinitely more attractive given both the logic and the current mess.

      I think that the IRS is quite an arm of the Democrats because of the simple fact that each and every employee is a member of the NTEU (Nat’l Treasury Employees Union) and the NTEU is a solid Democratic supporter and contributor.

      In many ways, it is like the military which is pretty solidly Republican by virtue of its professional leanings.

      It is pretty clear that the IRS management, Treasury and the White House has known about this for over 2 1/2 years. That is an inordinate amount of time if someone was either objective or interested in doing the right thing.


      • I suspect that you hit the nail on the head with the statement ‘interested in doing the right thing.’ Unfortunately I view a large majority of those in power as against the will, desire of the people. They just are good at keeping their actions out of the light. This whole PRISM thing, even though I know I am not naive and know there are bad people who feel that their entire existence is for the singular purpose to destroy America and what she stands for that we want to stop, just leaves a huge bad taste in my mouth. They choose to keep it as secret as possible rather than let us as a people make the decisions on what is best for us. The fact that those in power in general feel like they are our nannies just needs to change, I hope some greater transparency will over time let us change our current attitudes. I for one will definitely vote for anyone who I really believe puts transparency and dialog over the need for secrecy and backroom deals. Most of us are reasonable adults, I want my representatives to treat us as such.

        The direction we are going on is the path of the Stasi and the Nazi’s before them. Nothing good can come of that. Even if the ones in power don’t personally trigger their own reichstag fire, they are building a system that has a purpose to give our Government power and control over its people. It doesn’t take much at that point for really bad stuff to happen. This stuff with the IRS is just another example of how far we have gone off the ‘plan’ we hashed out in 1776 & 1787.

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