Inflection Points

Big Red Car here. Bit cloudy today in the ATX. Winter is just around the corner. This is a big change for us because it will only be 68F this afternoon. We like it a bit warmer and sunnier.

This change — an inflection point — is something everyone has to deal with eventually.

Businessess, startup businesses and long going concerns, have to deal with change constantly. Sometimes that change is so fundamental it represents a new direction–a fresh direction.

This is normal. [One of the oddest things in the Boss’s work coaching CEOs is the necessity from time to time to tell them what they are experiencing–frightening as it may be at that instant in time–is NORMAL.]

Every startup has those fearful moments. Those OMG moments when they doubt their raison d’erte. [That’s French y’all for “reason for existing”. Big Red Car speaks French sometimes. French fries, French kisses.]

For a quick discussion of how fear drives entrepreneurs, go read this blog post: Fear, Where An Entrepreneur’s Dreams Go To Die.

A perfect example of an inflection point was the Republicans on the heel of the 2012 elections. Do you remember that time? The President had just administered a pretty good whipping on a chap name of Mitt Romney. The Republican “brand” was devastated. The Republicans were done forever. The Republicans were going to be wandering in the desert for the next fifty years.

Something must have changed because on Tuesday the Republicans administered a total and complete repudiation of all things L’Obama and Democrat. It was not just the storming and capture of the Senate but gains in the House, Republican Governors in Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida and the taking of a commanding position in the Statehouses. The map looks very Republican just now.

If one had suggested in 2012 that the Obama re-election would sow the seeds of Tuesday’s barbed wire enema one would have been looking for the lobotomy scars, no?

And, yet, the Republicans triumphed from the seeds of failure. Remember, only results count, y’all.

As a startup or small company CEO take note of this wholesale transformation and know that YOU can also engineer such a wholesale change of the fortunes of your company. It will take hard work but you like working hard, don’t you?

Dramatic changes come from confronting inflection points.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be kind to someone today, it’s Friday. Be kind to yourself, you absolutely deserve it.

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    There is no greater example of an inflection point than the resurgence and transformation of the Republican party after the ass whipping it took in 2012.

    Remember when they were going to be wandering the desert for the next 50 years?


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