Impeachment — how does that make you feel?

Today, I am in the prop wash of the Congress going on its 10-day Thanksgiving vacay. It must be nice.

[The House didn’t have a chance to run that USMCA — United States Mexico Canada Agreement — the NAFTA replacement through for a vote, but they had plenty of time to deal with Ukraine and investigating President Trump. Maybe they can get back to the real business when they return from Thanksgiving. Oh, no. Then we have Christmas. Ooops.]

It has given me time to study the impeachment phenomenon.

I come away with a longish yawn and here’s why.

The Congress — specifically Adam Schiff’s Band of Boobs (includes you, Republicans) spent the last week asking people who got fired from their post as Ambassador to Ukraine, “How did that make you feel?”

Stop — is there anybody on the planet who doesn’t think former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch doesn’t feel . . . . . BAD? Sheesh.¬†

Bit of a digression — look, Marie, you took a job that each new POTUS can fire you from. You thought you were being a smart alec by not posting President Trump’s picture in the embassy in Kiev? This is the wages of those sins, chica. Deal with it.

Impeachment is largely about feelings. It is, of course, political regardless of how many times Nancy the Cud Chewer says it is about some noble duty to the Constitution and the people. Please spare me. [Nancy, you are draining the country’s IQ. Soon, we will have nothing left.]

If you don’t get a single Republican vote and don’t even get all the Dem votes, it’s partisan, Nance. Deal with it.

Equally, there is no doubt in anybody’s mind — honest persons — that President Donald J Trump and his stooges were absolutely “muscling” the Ukraine government to conduct investigations of corruption that include the Biden’s crime syndicate. That is the way President Trump operates. Deal with it.

As for my two cents — Hell, yes, I want to see what corruption was involved with the Biden’s and Burisma. That happened in 2016. You don’t get a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free-Card just because you’re running for the Dem nomination for President. Doesn’t work that way. That all happened five years ago. Own it. BTW, Quid Pro Joe doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of being the 2020 Dem nominee. Barack Obama even refuses to endorse his former VP. Deal with it.

If you’re the most powerful man in the world (President Trump), when you “suggest” something, people will get tattoos on their arms of your utterance. That is what it means to be powerful.

Was there a quid pro quo? Hell, yes. If more people had studied Latin in school, then you would understand it and agree.

Is the Biden bunch as crooked as the Mafia? Hell, yes. Don’t even begin to suggest that Hunter Biden was qualified to serve on a board of directors of a Ukrainian natural gas company. Just shut up.

But, herein lies the problem, dear reader. Nobody gives a flying flamingo. Nobody.

Any evidence, Big Red Car?

Yes, dear reader, I have a bit of evidence.

Let’s start with social media mentions — Facebook posts, comments, shares and Twitter tweets, re-tweets, and likes.

Bill Taylor (unctuous former West Pointer, current Ambassador to Ukraine) and George Kent (State Department bow tie guy with 33 years experience and whose Dad was #1 in his class at Annapolis) — 1,500,000 social media mentions on day of testimony.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch — 6,000,000 mentions. This was the high point of the entire investigation.

Mr. Vindman — haha, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman (the guy who thinks President Trump reports to him on foreign policy and who thrice turned down Ukrainian offer of post as Defense Minister) — 2,900,000 mentions

Special Envoy Kurt Volker (the best witness of the bunch) and Tim Morrison (Vindman’s boss who said V-man was a dope) — 486,000 mentions

Ambassador Gordon Sondland (Ambassador to the European Union) — 3,600,000 mentions

Laura Cooper/David Hale — 107,000 mentions

Fiona Hill (my personal favorite because of her English accent) and David Holmes (a little shit from State who hates Trump and shows it well) — 1,600,000 mentions

To put this into perspective, Katy Perry has 108,990,240 followers.

Former President Barack Obama has 108,515,134 followers.

President Donald J Trump has 55MM followers.

As you can see, given the size of the universe, these hearings are very thinly followed.

Is that all, Big Red Car?

No, it isn’t. Let’s take a look at the viewership of these hearings.

Day #1 — 13,800,000 total¬† viewers

Day #2 — Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch — 12,700,000 viewers

Days #3, 4, 5 — 11,400,000 viewers on average

As you can see interest went down. It should have gone UP if this was going to be a thing.

What does that mean, Big Red Car?

One more bit of data, please.

Christine Blasey Ford v Brett Kavanaugh food fight viewers? 20,000,000

Jimbo Comey House testimony? 19,500,000 viewers

Michael Cohen testimony? 15,800,000 viewers

Big Bob Mueller — the most highly touted, but disappointing testimony — 13,000,000 viewers

President Trump Inaugural viewership — 30,600,000 viewers

CNN only President Trump Inaugural viewership — 17,000,000 streaming, 2,600,000 live

As you can see, the country is just not engaged on this impeachment stuff.

Anything else, Big Red Car?

Yes, dear reader. Let’s look at the Rasmussen Presidential Approval Poll.

In 2011 on this date, President Obama had a 47% approval rate.

What do you think President Trump’s approval rate is, dear reader? 48% approval.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

The entire partisan impeachment show is a huge fail. Even though Chairman Adam Schiff had a number of chances to make speeches, they all landed flat. Nobody cares.

The subject matter is way too arcane — quid pro quo, extortion, bribery, ambassadors, oligarchs, Ukraine, college basketball has started, Adam Schiff.

It isn’t working.

Ten days from now when the Dems have had a good hammering from their local constituents around their Thanksgiving tables, will they even bring it up when they return? [Of course they will.]

Will the Dems decide to go forward on a wildly partisan vote? Close call. I’m going with the UNDER — I think Nancy Pelosi will not put impeachment to a vote on the floor of the House.

The House will decide to “let the voters decide in 2020.”

So, there you have it. But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Guess what? I don’t care either. Now, can we get the damn USMCA approved?