5 thoughts on “Houston, We Have A Problem

  1. Yikes! Now, for the inspiring part, where south Texas comes roaring back in the next five years, badass to the bone. BRC, your boss will need to document this, ‘cuz the moral midgets of Manhattan will pretend it never happened.

  2. It is pretty amazing to contemplate the math of so much water falling in a place where the only option is to create a massive lake! Wow!

    Let’s be perfectly clear: The solution to all of this is to hyperventilate about Donald Trump.

    Clearly, he’s pissed off the Global Warming Gods and it’s his fault. His model wife wearing high heels as she walked into the Presidential helicopter was a mistake of cataclysmic proportions and the Global Warming Gods are ashamed. Talk about low class.

    AND for the President to wear a USA hat, now there is a misstep worthy of mass hysteria and condemnation.

    I’m sure that Russia and the Nazi’s were in on the floods too, but we will get to that later.

    • And for Mrs. Trump to sport the FLOTUS hat and sneakers when she arrived in Houston–a great moment. I suspect she wore the heels that morning just to get a rise out of the press corps. Worked like a charm.

      • I don’t think she could have imagined that wearing high heals in that circumstance could ever possibly be construed as inappropriate. MSM=full-retard.

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