Honor and Observe v Celebrate Memorial Day

Monday is Memorial Day, the day upon which we honor and observe, not celebrate, those who lost their lives in service to the Nation in the military during wartime.

Lance Corporal Eric Ward, a fourth-generation U.S. Marine, was killed in Afghanistan on February 21, 2010. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The United States is commemorating Memorial Day this Monday.

As a Nation, we ponder with solemnity the sacrifice these men and women made in service to the Nation.

We have three related days pertinent to the military:

 1. Armed Forces Day — 15 May 

Armed Forces Day is the day we celebrate those serving in uniform currently.

 2. Memorial Day — the last Monday in May

Memorial Day is the day we observe with honor those who died in America’s wars.

We do not “celebrate” Memorial Day for obvious reasons. It is a somber day.

 3. Veterans Day — 11 November

On Veterans Day, we celebrate and honor those who served the Nation in uniform.

My father who made a career of the US Army, three weeks before Pearl Harbor on maneuvers in Louisiana. He served in Italy for the duration spending two winters in the mountains.

Please make an attempt to breathe some solemnity into your observance of Memorial Day. With your children, make sure they understand the purpose of the day.

A grateful Nation observes with honor the loss of good men and women in our wars. Respect.