Hating the Waiting

Big Red Car here in the gently moist wonder that is the ATX. On Earth as it is in Texas.

This is an odd year because of the impending Presidential election made all the weirder by the odd bunch of candidates that have been assembled and weeded through. One must say that the Republicans get high marks for the size of their field and the high energy (except, apparently, for Jeb Bush) of its robust, rodeo like selection process. “Rodeo like” meaning that not too many have been able to sit that bull and get the eight second whistle.

The future of the US, in this interesting time, is in the hands of a 94-year old white socialist, a 70-year old white liar, a 69-year old white bombastic businessman, and another woefully unprepared low mileage white Senator whose real name is Rafael. He looks like a Rafael, doesn’t he?

I think of them as Dopey, Sleazy, Braggy, and Creepy.

Of course, I am poorly educated, ill-informed, and a sinner. That’s me.

What really makes it interesting is that this is also March Madness, the best time of the year except for one thing: the extreme pain of waiting between the regional championships and the finals. A whole week of painful waiting during which I am tortured by the Presidential election.

So, I have a modest suggestion. A proposal:


The Presidential campaign and all primaries
should be suspended during the pendency
of the NCAA Basketball Championship.


Is that too much to ask?

No campaigning. No speechifying. No primaries. No media coverage.

Just during the NCAA tournament. Can I get an “amen” on that?

OK, last fun fact for today.

Not only is Ted Cruz a creep — hey, I live in Texas and I’ve seen that creep up close and personal for so long, my doctor promises to prescribe Xanax for the balance of the election cycle. This Canadian Rafael named creep is also a bit of a poseur. Yes, I know he just renounced his Canadian citizenship a year or so ago. Old news, y’all.

His father, the father who is a minister and Teddy refers to constantly, was a supporter of Castro when he lived in Cuba. Haha, Ted Cruz the conservative poster child’s father was a Castro supporter during his life in Cuba. Figure that one out?

I had heard that a long time ago but never believed it but then I saw it in print on the Internet and — voila — whoooooop, there it is.


I hate the waiting between the NCAA Basketball Tournament regional championships and the finals. Save me, y’all.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. Not you, Rafael, you’re a creep.


6 thoughts on “Hating the Waiting

  1. I think of them as Dopey, Sleazy, Braggy, and Creepy.


    Would be a terrific lineup if we could also have Snow White! IIRC, she was modeled after teenage dancer Marge Champion —


    What a dream! Total sweetheart!

    Both the real and the cartoon version!

    Still a sweetheart in the video clip here!

  2. The NCAA B-Ball and Politics are a great pairing, Both rely on sharp elbows, uncalled shoves, Ball/attention hogging, semi aware referees/media, sideline color commentary, university sponsors, and much more!

  3. I would extend the sabbatical through the conclusion of The Masters golf tournament. Then everyone can wake up bright and fresh on Monday morning, eager for the next wave of silliness.

    • .
      There is certainly merit in The Masters golf tournament extension. No doubt about it.

      However, that is a bunch of millionaires watching another bunch of millionaires while there is something appealing about watching a bunch of unpaid future millionaires.

      Maybe not.


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