Hardee’s — does sex sell hamburgers?

Big Red Car here.  Well, SXSW is winding down and Austin is just beginning to recover.  It was a great time.  Austin only has one Hardee’s hamburger joint and The Boss does in fact eat there from time to time.

But does The Boss eat more hamburgers because of those sexy hamburger ads?  And does sex sell burgers and charbroiled cod?

What hamburger ads you say?  Oh, my goodness, you have not yet seen the Hardee’s & Carl’s Juniors’s ads?

Well, my friend, you are in for a treat?

Something fishy going on here

Well here is an ad that purports to sell a charbroiled cod fish sandwich which is clearly the star of the show.  Do you agree?


The sandwich — the star — charbroiled, indeed.

Little Katie Upton seems like a fun movie date, no?

One does not live on cod fish sandwiches alone and sometimes one needs a bit of protein, meat, to balance the diet. 

Again, the star of the show is the Southwest Patty Melt at Hardee’s and Carl Juniors.  Don’t you agree? 

Oh, Mrs Robinson, is that really you, Heidi?

Well Heidi Klum is a good sport and who knows she really could be Mrs Robinson, right?  Who is more lovely the burger or Mrs Robinson?

And remember the burger is the star!

So what is the target demographic?

Would it be contentious to suggest that Hardee’s and Carl Juniors have targeted the “hungry young male” as the target demographic of this ad campaign?

Let me know in your comments.

But, hey, what do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Did you see that sexy convertible in the Katie Upton ad?  Yeah, she had a nice set of headlights, no?  Haha, Big Red Car, you are a boorish and uncouth lout.  Shame on you, Big Red Car.

4 thoughts on “Hardee’s — does sex sell hamburgers?

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      It really is true, isn’t it?

      But really, who at Hardee’s came up with the idea of selling burgers with sex/porno?

      Don’t get me wrong I actually like the patty melt jalapeno sandwich which Kate Upton is hawking but even so that is a pretty big step out there.


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