Green Mesquite Texas Barbecue

Big Red Car here.  The Boss missed breakfast — which is really not like him — and had a very late lunch.

Feeling a bit sorry for himself, I suspect, he treated himself to a bit of his favorite Q — Texas Barbecue, that is.

It was about 3:30 PM and his favorite place, Green Mesquite, was empty.  Only one other person in the place.  Just about perfect.  Damn good service.

Well, Hell, look who is in the picture — that’s me — the Big Red Car.  Top down, shining out, looking good and getting ready to have some good old fashioned Texas BBQ.  Go ahead, click on the picture and see the Big Red Car in all of my glory.

So what are we having today?  Well, you now it’s Texas barbecue but what kind, darling?

And there you have it.  Click on the picture and you can smell.  I promise.  Hehe.

Do you know what you are really seeing?

1.  Barbecue brisket, no sauce, just as tender as pudding.  Well, The Boss will put just a tiny dab of sauce on it for the additional piquant taste.

2.  Cole slaw, potato salad with some pickles and onions.  Homemade.

3.  A sausage link wrapped in a tortilla — inside the white paper on the plate.

4.  A nice tart Arnold Palmer (unsweetened tea and lemonade) with that lovely Green Mesquite pellet ice.  In a cup big enough for even a Big Red Car.

And that sausage wrap?

So that sausage link is wrapped in a nice soft flour tortilla warmed up on the grill with onions, pickles and just a splash of sauce.  That sausage will have a nice snap when The Boss puts his teeth into it.  And, maybe, if he is lucky and asked for it — just a bit of jalapeno inside.

[Now this is secret stuff — Green Mesquite and Austin.]  Remember when I put stuff in [brackets], it is secret and only we — you and me — can actually see it.

But in a couple of weeks, all those geeks will be here for SXSW (South by Southwest) and they will eating some delicious Green Mesquite barbecue, if they are smart.  And those geeks, they are brilliant.  So get to Green Mesquite early.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

Come on down, ya’ll!  Get some!  Be good to yourself.


7 thoughts on “Green Mesquite Texas Barbecue

  1. You know what I miss (born Ft. Worth, raised Dallas) the most? Its the Texas sausage. You just can’t get it outside of Texas. There is a place here Durham’s that makes a mighty fine brisket, not as good as in Texas but mighty fine. I just looked at the reviews and the funny part is the only complaints are that they only use salt, pepper, and smoke and serve it with sauce on the side

    • .
      I consider the pursuit of sausage — damn good spicy sausage — to be the gastronomical equivalent of single malt liquors.

      I love nothing more than a tortilla, onions, pickles, drop of sauce and a damn good sausage. Love it.

      I knew there was a reason I liked you so much.

      Whenever I am out of town for an extended period of time, I have to get a damn good fix of Texas BBQ — blood chemistry really. And some Tex Mex and a damn good chicken friend steak.

  2. Wow. Get the bosses cholesterol checked. And the boss should always park in an out of the way spot to avoid door dings from other jealous cars. You seen Lance Armstrong on his bike around much? I imagine he is lying low after talking with Oprah.

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