The GOPe Dinosaur Olympics

Big Red Car here. Sort of gray in the ATX. Sort of gray in the world of the GOPe — the Republican Establishment.

OK, in case you’re still living under a rock, Donald Trump has now, apparently, run the table. The GOPe still doesn’t like it.

Yawn! Ooops, sorry.

The GOPe is that bunch who brought forth two losing Republican candidates — Romney, Stevens, Sasse, Kristol, Graham. Rock stars who need no first names cause they’re rock stars. Rock heads.

They are all #nevertrump guys, which is to say they want to see Hillary Clinton in YOUR White House.

They will crash the car to prevent Donald Trump — the same Donald Trump who has eliminated and defeated fourteen experienced and salty politicians, a captainess of industry, and a brain surgeon. That Donald Trump.

No way Donald Trump gets the nomination, right?

So, remember when Donald Trump was one gaffe from extinction? Come on, you do. Right?

One freakin’ gaffe from self-immolation. Crashing and burning. The media was laughing at him. The GOPe was ignoring him. The other candidates were fighting him. Remember?

Gandhi had this to say about things:

First they ignore you;
Then, they laugh at you;
Then, they fight you;
Then, you win.

Where is Trump right now? As to the primary, he is on the verge of winning. Going around and bayoneting the wounded. He is ready to pivot toward the general election while tidying up the battlefield.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Not so fast, beloved reader. All we can say right now is — EVERYBODY GOT IT WRONG ABOUT TRUMP. Everybody.

The guy has garnered more primary votes than anyone in history. He saw it through. He is a great campaigner. His family is awesome with a capital “awe.”

Still, that’s not enough for the GOPe, the party bosses, the guys who brought the Republicans TWO LOSING candidates.

No, they know better than the entire electorate. You little people. You! If you live in the South, it’s “y’all!”

What does the GOPe want?

The GOPe is pissed off because they picked Jeb Bush, anointed him, funded him, powdered his wig, slimmed him down, and encourage him. Then, they went back to cheating widows and orphans.

Jeb Bush pic

Yes, Dad said it was my turn. So did George. Then that mean Donald Trump started calling me “Low Energy” Jeb. Mom says that’s not very nice.

The Bush family is really vexed. Hell, Daddy Bush and Brother Bush are going to “sit it out” as far as the election is concerned. Not like the Republican party didn’t support them when they were seeking the nomination.

The GOPe wants y’all to behave. They want you to kiss their ring. They want you to follow instructions and stop meddling with their process.

Some notables

Notable amongst the GOPe dinosaurs are even newcomes like Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska (where Trump took 61% of the Republican vote).

Ben went up to Washington, District of Corruption, and returned to announce that there was a swamp up there that needed draining. He revealed all the secrets. He pontificated and he speechified and just generally acted like the canary in the coal mine.

News flash to Ben — YOU, Benny Boy, were sent to Washington to FIX that stuff, not to become a roving reporter. Unhuh, that’s right. ¬†YOU are the fixer guy. You are not an innocent bystander. Get in the game.

Ben’s Nebraska Republican party comrades just voted a note of censure for his #nevertrump stance. They don’t like it when they support somebody by 61% and one of their Senators is leading the charge for a third party candidate. Hell, they are Republicans, no? Didn’t Ben already throw in with a party?

Reality is a mean spirited and heartless bitch

So, Trump meets with the Prom Queen — Paul Ryan. Paulie says, “I hardly know the man. We had a nice chat. This is a process.”

Paulie, this is what is called victory. Something you and Mittens were unable to deliver. You, my friend, are a failed candidate and should not get in the way of those who are acquainted with victory.

Not to worry, Paulie will come around. Just like the billionaire funders — such as Marvin Adelson in Las Vegas who said, “DT, pencil me in for $100,000,000. Please” — and the Republican House committee chairs. Paulie will come around. But not until he and Donald spend some time in the sauna together.

Give me a break, Speaker. You are a leader in the Republican party, not the ACLU. Get with it. Sorry, bit harsh.

OK, the reality is this — Romney, Ryan, Sasse, Stevens, Graham — dinosaurs. Losers. Prom queens. It’s over, y’all, and you did not win. But, then you are losers and used to it, no?

Last point: The deadline to file for another candidate in Texas has now come and gone. It is over, y’all. Sorry. Reality is a mean spirited and heartless taskmaster. Sorry.

Deal. With. It.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png







8 thoughts on “The GOPe Dinosaur Olympics

  1. I am loving how Hillary supporters are attacking Trump in social media for his lies etc. Don’t they realize the more they bring that stuff up, the more they think about Bill and Hillary’s lies-and it makes them a static target? DEMe is on the block next.

    • .
      I find his take on Trump to be very interesting.

      Isn’t it just amazing how the opposition, the GOPe, the MSM, the punditry, the pollsters, the donors, the billionaires — ALL GOT IT WRONG.

      And, now, they want us to believe they have it right for the general election.

      All of those soothsayers depend on history and Trump is re-writing all the history books.

      I am feeling Trump in a landslide.


      • Yes, his analysis of Trump’s power of persuasion is fascinating and a real eye opener. I’m thinking his prediction of a Trump landslide is spot on.

  2. Really nice!

    Who he heck are these invisible ogres behind the curtain the GOPe is so determined to obey?

    Who the heck is pulling the strings on Sasse? What master demanding total devotion is motivating Sasse to fall on his sword instead of just getting on the Trump Train? Melania figured out about a year ago that Trump would win. I figured it out some months ago. Sasse still hasn’t figured it out? And he just pissed off 61% or so of his constituents? The guy has been taking stupid pills, smoking funny stuff, just likes to be the last one to get the message?

    And Ryan, he likes to play really hard to get? Or, Ryan thinks that because he is Mr. Speaker and Trump is, uh, just a, pick one, right, buffoon, whatever label in the barrel of them the MSM have pushed, that Mr. Speaker can look down on, insult, patronize, etc. Trump? In January, Trump will be in DC, in the White House, in the Oval Office, in the big chair behind the big desk, with pictures of his wife and children on the cadenza behind him, Ryan may or may not even still be in the House, and, if he is, will be grovelling on the big seal in the carpet on the floor, obsequiously pleading for an opportunity to serve. Trump might say

    I was not good enough for your support in April, and I don’t believe I’m good enough for your support now.

    And Mittens, this Romney jerk, what is the burr under his saddle? Romney is not just a little irritated with Trump — Mittens is totally pissed, really declaring total war, on Trump.

    The GOPe? They are totally failing to read the returns, headlines, delegate counts, and memos: As of now, Trump is the head of the GOP. So, he gets to have a lot of say in everything about the GOP. In the GOP, Romney is just ancient history, and Trump is now “The Man”. Just what is it about “The Man” that Romney has such a difficult time understanding?

    And this Kristol guy, talking “slow on the uptake”, “learning disabled”, “reality challenged”, “behind the door when the brains were passed out”, “biting the hand that for at least the next four years will be feeding him”, spit’n and piss’n to windward, needs his diapers changed, still crying about missing his True Conservative Tooth Fairy — the grand example of a loser? Din-o-sau-er, din-o-sau-er, reminds me of one word — extinct. Just gott’a give Kristol the 2016 Political Darwin Award. Is there a way to short The National Review?

    No wonder that team of losers lost — they don’t know a winner when they see one, see him give dozens of rallies with tens of thousands of VOTERS having waited in line for hours, ballpark $2 billion in free media publicity, right to the center of the stage right in the first debate and, then, all of the debates, etc.

    Polling, demographics, didn’t they notice ballpark 50% manufacturing job loss all across the nation? A huge fraction of the US middle class going 20 years without a real wage increase? That’s a large, highly motivated collection of VOTERS. The outrage of refusing to enforce the immigration laws and, then, releasing from jail criminal illegals as a powerful campaign issue? The total cluster-F of Iraq and, now, ISIS, another huuuuuge campaign issue? Instead, they were playing pocket pool with their favorite little toys — True Conservative Principles, a flat tax, reduce entitlements, dog eat dog and may the devil take the hind most, etc.

    Looks like Darwin is on the case and doing his usual to the losers!

    Trump should look to getting a new Speaker. Paul, you never wanted to be Speaker, anyway, did you? Looks like you don’t even want to be in the House at all. Okay, go fishing in the Land of Lakes or wherever up there. Get a log cabin and spend your time with your fly rod. Trap some beaver, skin’em, and make, say, a hat. Poor beaver — he’s got more going for him than you do.

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