Fair Comparisons — WutangCurse By The Numbers

Public opinion is driven by emotion. Emotion should be based on facts, but we suffer from an inadequate body of data and an unwillingness by the media to report the facts fairly and accurately.

Honestly, I think the media is not smart enough to be able to make the right comparisons and the lens held up to evaluate the problem is too shaky and biased.

How is the US doing v the WutangCurse?

Let me make a comparison: the United States v the European Union (a roughly comparable equivalent).


The United States has 331,000,000 people.

The European Union has 341,000,000 people.

[This is a subset of the European Union which is being used for comparison purposes and doesn’t include all the twenty-eight European Union countries. This is the same subset used by World O Meter from which all the numbers are taken as of 00:00 GMT, 3-31-2020.]

The US has 188,592 total cases of the WutangCurse and has suffered 4,055 deaths.

The EU has 363,150 total cases and has suffered 25,318 deaths.

For purposes of defining the European Union, this analysis uses the following countries:

United Kingdom: 68MM population, 25,150 cases, 1,789 deaths
Germany: 84MM population, 71,808 cases, 775 deaths
France: 65MM population, 52,128 cases, 3, 523 deaths
Italy: 60MM population, 105,792 cases, 12,428 deaths
Spain: 47MM population, 95,923 cases, 8,464 deaths
Neatherlands: 17MM population, 12,595 cases, 1,039 deaths

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

The bottom line is this, dear reader, the United States is doing comparatively better than the European Union.

The US has 188,592 cases and 4,055 deaths.

The EU has 363,150 cases and 25,318 deaths. 

The EU has 2X the number of cases and 6X the number of deaths.

Is this a perfect comparable analysis? No, but it is a fair representation given the accuracy of the facts as we know them as of the date shown.

Point of order — half the number of US cases and deaths are contained in the Tri-State Area of New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. This is America’s hot spot. Others will develop, but the NYC area is ground zero in this fight.

Count your blessings, America. This WutangCurse too shall pass.