European Antisemitism Alive and Well

Big Red Car here.  Going to be a nice day in the ATX.  Hope is it where you live.

In Europe, the scourge of antisemitism — hatred for the Jews — has reared its ugly face yet again.

An economic Kristallnact

The Europeans — including the Germans who have the blood of the slaughtered Jews of World War II on their hands and heads — want any and all goods produced by Jewish Israeli owned factories in the West Bank to be labeled showing the origin — the religion really of the owners of the factories.

Read about it here: Israel being single out once more

And here: A label for the Jews again

Yes, the Big Red Car knows that this sounds like a Nazi pogrom reminiscent of Kristallnact — the night of broken glass — when the Nazis shattered the windows of Jewish owned stores, emblazoned them with the word Jude and forbade Germans from doing business with Jews.  Hitler, Nazis, murdering of Jews.

The Nazis wrote:  “Kauft nicht bei Juden!”  Don’t buy from Jews.

This is simply anti-Jewish hatred run amok and virulent antisemitism.  It is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.  It is evil.

The Big Red Car and The Boss refuse to allow evil to exist unchallenged.

Costco, cowards and weasels

The Boss loves Costco.  Make that “used to love Costco”.

The Big Red Car has made many a trip to Costco and come home with many a treat or goodie.  The meat and fish and fruit are just fabulous.

No more.  The Boss will be boycotting Costco.  Now The Boss will only shop at Sams.

WTF, Big Red Car, what is up with The Boss and Costco?

In 2010. Costco under pressure from pro-Palestinian groups stopped selling Ahava Dead Sea products in its United States stores.  WTF?

Fight fair

Don’t get the Big Red Car wrong, ya’ll, there is plenty of room for political dissent and discussion and boycotts and general to-ing and fro-ing.

But nations labelling products with the religions of their manufacturers?  No, nations should be providing for free, fair trade and not injecting antisemitism into the discussion.

Shame, in particular, on the Germans whose legacy of hatred and murder should make them particularly sensitive to such a rapacious policy.  Have you no shame, Germany?

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Have a great weekend, ya’ll!




2 thoughts on “European Antisemitism Alive and Well

  1. On the flip side, I remember when things were Made in Japan. And, I know all the products that say, Made in the USA….and they use that for branding. Agree, there is a large amount of anti-semitism in Europe. That’s not going to change.

    • .
      I guess I have no problem labelling things as to country of origin. I object to labelling things as to religion for the express purpose of whipping up antisemitism.

      Made in the USA by Catholic mackerel snappers?


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