Eddie Haskell RIP

From 1957 to 1963, there was a black-and-white sitcom called Leave It To Beaver. The Beaver (acted by Jerry Mathers) was Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver.

His parents were June (Barbara Billingsley) and Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont). The Beave’s older brother was Wally (Tony Dow).

It became iconic American sitcom television, running six seasons for 234 sessions.

It ended when Wally grew up and went off to college. It was a fact-based ending as the family dynamic was about to change with Wally heading off to college, and the core of the story was the Cleaver family.

It had been fun watching the Beave grow up. In the preceding picture, the Beave is young. Below, you can see how the Beave has aged.

Threaded through many of the stories was a character named Eddie Haskell. Eddie was Wally’s best friend.

An older Beaver and Eddie Haskell up to mischief.

Eddie Haskell was played by Ken Osmond.

The character was a smarmy teen who sucked up to adults and was mischievous and hateful to the youngsters, particularly The Beaver. Osmond played the character like poetry.

Ken Osmond was typecast thereafter as a wiseguy. He stopped acting and became a Los Angeles policeman, serving for more than 20 years.

He looked like a cop and he was reportedly a good one.

Leave It To Beaver was America a long time ago — in an innocent, sweet age in the life of the country.

The Beaver was a hoot. He was innocent and sweet. Eddie Haskell was the original bad boy, and he was funny as Hell.

God bless you, Ken Osmond. Rest In Peace. Godspeed. You created a lot of laughs, Eddie Haskell.