Ebola is Not the President’s Fault

Big Red Car here. OMG, the ATX is perfect. How about 78F, low humidity, no clouds, the gentlest breeze? Yeah, you deserve some of that.

I’ve been over at ME Gene Johnson Garage getting some work done and so I haven’t seen The Boss in a week. The SOB thinks I’m on holiday.

So I’m on my own today, y’all. But, hey, who do you think does all the thinking anyway?


Ebola is a scourge but it is not the President’s fault. OK, there you have it, end of wisdom for today? Haha, of course not, y’all.

What is the President’s fault is the dopey way he has responded. First, he calms us down like second graders trying to cross a busy street against the light and then he appoints an Ebola Czar who has no medical credentials and whose track record is marked by being one of the guys who thought Solyndra was a stroke of genius. Then he fails to restrict travel from countries — which require visas to get into these United States, y’all — which are the Niagara Falls of ebola.

The decision not to restrict travel to the United States from ebola countries is just bizarre!

One ill advised decision after another. He is responsible for these decisions while he is not responsible for ebola. Fair play!

Really, he should have appointed the Big Red Car as I know as much about ebola as this guy does, no?

I wouldn’t take the job just to be clear.

Decisions, bad decisions

Our President is not wild about the job. Oh, yes, he loves campaigning and fundraising and speechifying. He loves whipping up on the Republicans who willingly go to the woodshed with him whenever he needs some exercise.

This President was sure that the simple presence of his likable, charming personality  would right the world that was knocked off its axis because of the ham handed touch of his predecessor. Wrong!

From his first big speech in the Middle East in Egypt — that worked out great, eh? — to his promise to heal the planet and stem the rising tides (told you the guy liked to give a speech), the guy has attempted to sell the fiction that he is going to fix things just by being charismatic and engaging. News flash — once you peek beneath the thin facade, he is neither.

The President has forced the nation to endure one bad decision and one bad policy after another. All the President’s warriors sing in chorus: “It’s going to take boots on the ground, Mr President” but he doesn’t hear and he doesn’t heed their counsel. WTF do they know about war? Now community organizing in South Chicago, that’s real combat.

The President says: “Ebola? We’re not going to have a problem with ebola in these United States and it’s not advisable to appoint an Ebola Czar!” Duh, apparently those gems of wisdom are no longer “operative” which is the way Presidents say “oooops!”

In fairness, the President did cancel two entire days of fundraising. Wow! Can you imagine how concerned the President must be to do that? Yeah, you got that right.

There is nothing unique about the President’s weird decisions about ebola — it is the continuation of a well documented track record of bad decisions. True? Perhaps a smidgen of truth?

But, hey, what the hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be kind to someone you love today, that’s a damn order, y’all!

4 thoughts on “Ebola is Not the President’s Fault

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      The irony of Pres Obama having won a Nobel Peace Prize cannot be lost on anyone who has watched his footprints–bloody footprints–in the Middle East, Crimea and elsewhere.

      Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, must be spinning in his grave.

      I am sure Pres Obama wins the contest for most countries bombed after having won a Nobel Peace Prize.

      Hope you are well.


      • Yeah, quite an irony! But they have a history… they awarded it to Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin in 1994!

        Btw, I think it was you who recommended me the Lone Survivor book in some comment at AVC a while ago. Finished it a couple days ago. I’m not American (and obviously not Texan!) and I haven’t been in the military, but it really moved me. Great read, thanks!

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          Great read. Glad you enjoyed it.

          Marcus is typical of the American special ops warrior. We are blessed to have such men who are willing to fight America’s sometimes confused military engagements.


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