Donald Trump, Shut Up

Big Red Car here, y’all. Ahhh, the ATX — on Earth as it is in Texas! Another great day in paradise. A bit warm paradise, mind you.

So The Donald has stepped in it and irritated the Big Red Car with his comments characterizing the nature of the military service of Senator John McCain.

Donald, my boy, you are a jackass!

Let me tell you why.


The Donald, a draft dodger whose bone spurs prevented him from answering the call from his country to serve in a time of peril, has no standing to criticize or to characterize the nature of the military service of Senator John McCain.

The Big Red Car says to The Donald: “Shut the fuck up, Donald Trump. You have no right to criticize better men who served our nation while you were finding ways not to serve. Have some decency and recognize the service of those who stepped up while you sat down. Just be decent about it.”

John McCain, whose father and grandfather were both Admirals in the US Navy, was a naval aviator. There are no better flyers in the world than US Navy pilots. They take off from an aircraft carrier, launch into the sky in their jet from a catapult, go make war against our enemies, and then come back to their postage stamp sized ship and make a “trap” — a carrier deck landing onto a pitching deck.

It takes great skill, nerve, pluck and old fashioned balls to do that. John McCain did this. Donald Trump did not.

John McCain demonstrated balls of brass while The Donald focused on golf balls.

Donald, the son of a millionaire real estate developer and a bon vivant, had some bone spurs which conveniently allowed him to be classified 4F — meaning our precious Donald was not going to be available to serve his country. This was on the heels of a series of student deferments which also precluded his service.

Guys who did not serve should not be criticizing those who did.

What exactly did John McCain do?

John McCain was shot down while flying his twenty third bombing mission. He was flying a A-4E Skyhawk and was shot down by a missile while on a final bombing run to strike a target in Hanoi. A Navy pilot on a bombing mission turns onto his final approach course and locks in until he is able to drop his bombs and head back to his ship. It is a harrowing experience to fly a straight line to your target as the enemy is trying to knock you and your plane from the sky. This is what John McCain did.

You think this doesn’t take balls? Guess what? It does. A lot more balls than going to your doctor and getting a letter saying you have bone spurs.

When he was hit, he ejected from his aircraft and rode a parachute down landing in a lake — Truc Bach Lake. He was captured by the North Vietnamese who destroyed his shoulder using a rifle butt and bayoneted him. He was badly wounded from the ejection and the harsh treatment at the hands of his initial captors. Here is a picture of McCain being captured. This does not look like a day at Trump National Golf Course to the Big Red Car. You?

While in enemy hands — badly wounded — McCain was tortured. He was subjected to unspeakable torture, was confined in a solitary room for over two years and was brutalized.

What exactly does “brutalized” mean? It means that his sadistic captors inflicted unspeakable, barbaric acts on his fragile body, beat the shit out of him, screwed with his mind, tried to break him and then — offered to release him because his father was a full Admiral. McCain — in an act of considerable courage — refused to be released before his fellow prisoners. He kept faith with his fellow POWs.

For five and a half years, John McCain endured captivity, solitary confinement, torture. He lost fifty pounds while a POW. His fellow POWs did not expect him to live.

John McCain lived. He did not quit. He did not whine about his bone spurs.He sucked it up and he survived. You may not like the guy’s politics but you have to respect his balls. Any man who has endured that treatment as a result of doing his nation’s bidding in a time of war has earned our respect. Respect!


John McCain was awarded the Silver Star (the nation’s third highest decoration for valor in combat), the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star (one step below the Silver Star) and the Navy Commendation medal. These decorations were all awarded for valor in combat. They did not come in Cracker Jack boxes.

Donald Trump may not think that John McCain’s wartime service was heroic but the US Navy apparently did. His peers apparently did.

The Donald wouldn’t know about this because he and his delicate little bone spurs were too busy hanging out at Studio 54.

The Goat

The Donald has poked fun at John McCain for graduating last in his class at Annapolis. That is not true. McCain graduated at the bottom of his class to be sure. He was 894th out of 899 midshipmen who graduated in 1958.

The Boss thinks that where a guy graduates in his class in a military school is a relevant consideration as it relates to potential. It is relevant and it is fair game but, damn it, fight fair. The guy was not the Goat — the last grad in a class.

McCain had some real advantages in the Navy. Having a father who wears four stars and a grandfather who also wears four stars is a big advantage. It probably got him in to Annapolis. So what?

He still had to make it through. He did.

The Donald is very quick to criticize McCain’s academic credentials but anybody who makes it through Annapolis is deserving of respect. It is a hard place to be. It is a good place to be from.

Let me bottom line it for you, Donald

Bottom line it, Big Red Car.

Millionaire brat, draft dodgers with delicate little bone spurs which prevented them from serving should not be criticizing their betters who did serve.

If you do not recognize the character of McCain’s wartime service, it is because you do not understand what it means to receive a Silver Star, a DFC, a Bronze Star — you are ignorant, fool.

No Naval aviator chooses to be captured. McCain was captured only because he did his job with courage. He was on a final bombing run under fire. He held his line. He made the run. He delivered the goods.

Guys with delicate little bone spurs should allow themselves to be educated.

Donald Trump, you are an idiot. This is not something in which your voice should be heard. Given the chance to serve, you and your bone spurs took another course of action. Deal with it. Step aside and let better men through. Because, you Donald, cannot hold their jocks.

Let me be clear about a few things

Politically, the Big Red Car does not particularly like John McCain.

Personally, the Big Red Car does not particularly like John McCain.

The Big Red Car RESPECTS the wartime service and the character of that service of John McCain. Respect, John McCain.You earned it and the Big Red Car will give it to you. Godspeed, faithful and brave warrior. You have earned our respect and a grateful nation delivers. RESPECT!

Donald? You have disappointed me. You get some props for injecting some worthy subjects into the debate. On this one, my friend, you have stepped on your dick with golf spikes.

Donald — stand up. Apologize. Shut up. You are a bone spur, draft dodging coward. Know that. That is who you are. While John McCain was being tortured, you were partying at Studio 54. That is who you are. The Big Red Car is calling you out, bitch.

But, hey, I could be wrong. What the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Respect the sacrifices of our veterans. If you are not a vet, if you did not serve — shut up.




2 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Shut Up

  1. Donald will fade away. McCain also refused to be sent home. He was going to be used as a bargaining chip. It should not mean anything that Donald avoided the draft since we had a President that did the same. But, there is a double standard for the different parties.

    People also need to understand class rank at the military academies is not like class rank at other schools. At the military academy, class rank encompasses not only your grades in the academic classroom but your performance on military, and your performance athletically. Ring up a bunch of demerits for doing shit wrong and your rank drops. What cadet is the all time leader in acquiring demerits at Navy? He got captured in North Vietnam. Probably dinged his class rank quite a bit, but I want that guy on my team.

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