Do Not Read This Post Unless You Are Ready to Know The Secret of Life

Big Red Car here. Bit of the usual wonderfulness in the ATX, as usual. Yawn.

On Earth as it is in Texas.

So, the Big Red Car is reading some of his favorite blogs and stumbles on this little gem.

If you are an entrepreneur, a founder, a CEO, a young person just starting out — listen to this, watch this. Know you are not alone. But, now, you can know the secret of life.

You can burn the boats, you can go all in, you can talk a good game but if you’re going to found a company, or forge a different path in the digital world less traveled then you have to listen to this.

Close your eyes. Open them. Watch that video again. Now, you are armed and dangerous. Now, you know the secret of life.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know? I’m just a Big Red Car! Go all the way, y’all.