In all the to-ing and fro-ing in the world, there are folks who want to abolish the police, defund the police, and to reorganize how law enforcement works.

Many of these folks feel a loving, patriarchal fondness for the Black community and speak for them whenever given a chance.

Turns out Black communities can speak for themselves.

A recent article indicates the following:

 1. Black Americans are the most likely slice of America to come into contact with police.

 2. Many Black neighborhoods are where an inordinate amount of crimes are committed, thereby drawing the cops into those neighborhoods.

 3. The Gallup Center for Black Voices took a poll when this subject came out in the late June, early July time frame. The timing is important because it was after many of the BLM themed riots.

OK, so what did the poll find out, Big Red Car?

Here are the relevant results:

 1. 20% of black Americans want MORE police presence in their neighborhoods;

 2. 61% of black Americans want NO CHANGE to police presence;

 3. Adding the above, 81% of Black Americans want MORE or NO CHANGE to police presence. A lot of folks will be tempted to see that as a meaningful majority.

 4. Overall, 19% of Americans want MORE police presence while 67% want NO CHANGE in police presence.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Maybe in the future, before the American patriarchy decides they know what Black Americans want, they could ask them.

All the skinny legged jeans, rock throwing, white BLM supporters do not speak for American Black communities.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Have a great weekend and let’s all run our own lane and stop thinking we know what somebody else wants. Ask them.