Customer Service Can Be A Business Driver

Big Red Car here.  Nice bright sunny day here in the ATX but windy, ya’ll.  SXSW is in town, so the town is overrun with 250,000 beautiful people, nerds, geeks and hipsters.

So, The Boss got the Grande Communications ONE GIG Internet service connected yesterday.  Google Fiber is still talking smack but Grande is rolling that baby out big time.

The installation was handled by a superb subcontractor to Grande, S & S Cable Communications (512-272-5033).  David Perez was the man in charge and he did a great job.

Neatly dressed, timely arrival, assessed the job brilliantly, explained it to me, did the work, cleaned up.  It took about two hours as he had indicated.  He made sure everything worked except he did not put the flat screen in the media room on the new network.  Small problem that was able to be fixed by me and Grande.

When I called Grande Communications to see if they could help me with the problem that night, the first service guy was a bit of a goober.  He kept telling me it couldn’t be something that Grande had done.  He was into the blame game.

As I always do, I asked to speak to a Supervisor who called me back and was able to troubleshoot the matter fairly quickly.  This was one of their first 1gig installations in Austin so they didn’t have much experience just yet.  We both realized that the television (which is equipped with every kind of Internet connection imaginable including a direct NSA link) was looking for the “old” network and that it needed to be looking for the “new” network.

Problem solved in about five minutes.

The first Grande guy was not a charm school grad, the Supervisor was.

The first Grande guy did not know his stuff, the Supervisor did.

The problem resolution made me a happy customer and I whiled the evening away watching the latest episode of Revenge.  I love Emily.  She is a bossy chick who anyone could love.

Customer service — even initially bad customer service — can be a driver of customer satisfaction.

But, hey what do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

5 thoughts on “Customer Service Can Be A Business Driver

  1. Cannot agree more. Organizations who do this well make it look so darn simple. But, of course, what looks really simple is actually very hard to get to.

    • .
      Like Charlie Chaplin used to say: “It’s not a stunt if you can really do it.”

      Some people think customer service is a stunt others live it.


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