Charleston — Look to Charleston

Big Red Car here. There is an enormous ball of fire in the sky, toward the east. It is making people uncomfortable as we have grown used to our constant rain. I will keep you posted on this development as it is very odd.

It has stopped raining.

Charleston, designated by Southern Living some years ago as the friendliest and most hospitable city in the United States, was founded in 1670 and moved to Oyster Point shortly therafter. In Colonial times, it was the fifth largest city in the United States. It continues to be an important city. Continue reading


The State of the Union — things you will NOT hear

Big Red Car here.  Ahhh, 75F today and The Boss was out walking the Town Lake Trail in the warm sunlight.  Nice to be back from NYC and the blizzard and cold temps, eh, Boss?

So, Tuesday is the night for the President’s State of the Union speech.  The Boss was musing about some stuff you surely will NOT hear in that speech, Old Sport.

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Speeches by Guys in Hermes Ties

Big Red Car here.  So The Boss is still in the Carolinas helping the Cub move to his new digs in Charlotte.  The Queen City is a great city and is one of those great American cities that are emerging as regional centers of growth, culture and commerce.  The Boss is very high on Charlotte.

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